2012 Spring Market Impressions: Scott Hansen Edition

megan • May 25, 2012 • 2 Comments

Though we went to Kansas City to debut our print baby, we did bring our reporter notebooks along for the ride. In the next few posts, we’ll share notes and pictures from the staff about all the trends, fabulous new fabrics and new products on display. Today, Community Editor Scott Hansen starts us off with his thoughts.

Ruffle Fabric made a big splash again this year, with lots of people buying it up. That booth was always busy! I was disappointed that I missed out on the printed ruffle fabrics. By the time I got there they only had models left.

Michael Miller has some new polyurethane laminates (which they are calling PUL, for short) that seemed very clothlike, a little more approachable than other laminates that I have seen.

Violet Craft’s Madrona Road has a delightful allegorical story behind its inspiration that stems from her own life story and one of the prints even features the words to that story.

I love the little buildings in Patty Young’s Heaven and Helsinki (cute title, too) and thanks to a splash of polyester and Lycra, these new knits are even better than the old ones, if you are into the whole knit fabric scene. Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea even had this non-navy lover loving her navy and raspberry combinations.

Seven Islands/Kokka had some great offerings. Melody Miller has yet another great Ruby line, and Heather Ross’s Nursery Versery has little mice that I simply MUST get!!!  And one of the new Kokkas had a large zebra that I thought was pretty nifty, too!!  And Melody Miller’s booth? Too cool!!

As always, Westminster wowed me. This season seemed to be particularly full of awesomeness, but I probably say that every year. Amy Butler, of course, came out with her Gypsy Caravan earlier this year, but she truly surprised me with her newest line, Cameo.  I fully expected a new take on the Gypsy Caravan bandwagon, but Cameo was a wonderful surprise with a definite ‘20s/‘30s vibe in modern colors and scale.

Amy also has exciting news with her upcoming online free magazine, Blossom. Her plans are to publish twice a year and to inspire all of us to create more and with passion because that is what we are at the core–creative and passionate creatures.

Anna Maria Horner never fails to delight. Her Field Study has great little surprises with a “scientific” bend as well as her usual floral delights. And as if this mother of six doesn’t have enough to do, she also has some new embroidery patterns available now and her much anticipated needlework book waiting in the wings. Her feather quilt will be available for download, and even though I have no time to be sewing other people’s quilts, I truly want to make this one!

Anna Maria Horner's Feather quilt

I met Denyse Schmidt for the first time, and she was so engaging. Very serene and kind. And talented!! I love how she looks at the very wonderful old quilts that are the basis of everything we do today and gives them her spin. Her new Chicopee line is another hit for her and it includes the softest of printed fine-wale corduroys, perfect for garments and great for adding some texture to quilts. Chicopee has a lot of those non-solid solids that I love for their ability to help rest the eye, but also keep the pattern thrill going, and they are versatile enough to go with all projects, traditional to modern.

Denyse Schmidt (far left) speaks at Schoolhouse

Valori Wells also has a great line with Cocoon full of deep rich colors.  And once again her printed linens and voiles make for beautiful combinations for sewing projects beyond as well as including quilts.  And she took her previous hit Wrenly and did a Christmasy-but-not-too-Christmasy spin on it with Wrenly Christmas. Great for all winter long.

Ty Pennington’s third collection reveals a big jump in his aesthetic.  My favorite prints in this line seem to stem from the flora and fauna of medieval manuscripts, in my mind at least. They have an Old World feel to them. Overall the line feels much more floral, but with a subdued palette.

Is your head spinning yet? Just think of the hundreds of other vendors whose Market splash we didn’t get a chance to see firsthand. So many booths, so little time! Keep tuning in, as we spin out our Market tales.


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