Hey, Q-bies! We may be fun-loving, but we’re certainly not perfect. And stuff happens. Here’s where you can find any corrections that might be pertinent to a given issue. We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused. Please note that if we’ve made corrections to a pattern, we’ve just given you a whole new corrected pdf. (There’s nothing more annoying than trying to find an obscure sentence buried somewhere in text to make a critical, but itsy, numerical correction. Oy.)

Issue 1 – Summer 2012
Hugs and Kisses No. 9
On page 59, in the cutting directions for the Little Kiss Blocks, we’ve updated the number of squares to be cut. Yardage for these remains the same. Download the new PDF here.

Issue 4 – Spring 2013
On page 71, the instructions for Block A were repeated for Block B. Download the corrected PDF here.

Issue 5 – Summer 2013-Web Projects
Extra Olives, Please!
e added labels to the diagrams and corrected the label references in the block construction. Download the corrected PDF here.