Victoria’s Challenge and a Freebie!
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VFW pillow 003-2

When you were a kid and you heard these words, “I dare ya!” did you bite?

Well, gotta say, we sometimes did, and still do. And when the dare is issued in the form of a challenge, with prizes, then that’s just the best.

So our good bud, the fabulous, amazing, talented Victoria Findlay Wolfe (too thick? nah!) issues a special challenge, and what do we do? We hit our machines and go for it. We’re hoping you might, too.

Victoria has a new partnership with Sizzix. (That’s the die cut company that makes creating repetitive shapes from fabric simple and perfect. Every. Single. Time. And to be fair, they have supported us lots in the past, which is why we’re happy to share the love here.) Sizzix has created a set of special dies to celebrate and encourage one of Victoria’s fave quilt patterns: The Double Wedding Ring.

Now, if you know even a little about Double Wedding Ring patterns, you know to cringe first at the thought of recreating the absolute precise cuts needed to duplicate those arcs and melons, over and over again. This is one challenging pattern! But it’s also arguably one of the most beautiful, traditional patterns out there, and Victoria has managed to transform it into hip and modern, over and over again. (Check out her new book with C&T Publishing, Double Wedding Ring Quilts: Traditions Made Modern.)  Double Wedding Ring

Victoria’s challenge rules can be found HERE. She does require that you use at least one of her dies for whatever quilt you enter into this challenge. Don’t have a die cut machine? Many quilt shops do, as well as a growing number of quilters. Sizzix dies can be used in other die machines, so that expands your possibilities.

In the meantime, to give you a bit of motivation, we’re re-releasing the pattern that goes to this delightful pillow that Victoria handed over to us for the January-February 2015 issue of GenQ. Yes, it was made with her dies. And yes, we love this simple pillow, for its use of fabric and color. The pattern for the pillow, shown above, is HERE. We hope you enjoy it. But more, we hope that you stretch yourself a little and answer Victoria’s challenge. In fact, we double-dog dare you!



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