In the Q-niverse: Windham’s Changing QuiltCon Booth-scape
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Editor’s Note: You’ve probably seen the QuiltCon 2015 winning quilts and exhibit shots about 200 times by now, but there were many beautiful spots to rest your eye, including Windham Fabrics’ booth, which was a literal showplace for the artistry of MQG members around the country. We thought you should know more.

By Nell Timmer, Director of Marketing

How did we design this booth?

The inspiration began with a snapshot from one of our designers, Carrie Bloomston. On the walls in her house, there are hand-drawn picture frames around her children’s artwork.  It gave me the idea to have a salon-style hanging of blocks for QuiltCon, mixing up our designers, celebrating all that is modern at Windham Fabrics and showcasing the amazing talent of modern quilters from all over the country.

We got all the in-house artists at Windham to draw the frames and then sent mixed-designer bundles to 10 guilds throughout the United States.  They sent us back modern quilt blocks in a variety of sizes.  They were all so awesome that I decided we should just change the installation each day, which is what we did.



Photo Feb 19, 10 18 51 AM

Participating Guilds:

Boulder Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 08 21 AM

Hudson Valley Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 02 30 AM

Boise Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 06 05 AM

North Virginia Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 07 51 AM

Augusta Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 11 16 AM

Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 04 48 AM

Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 9 07 43 AM

Wichita Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 4 06 47 PM

Omaha Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 4 07 55 PM

Gainesville Modern Quilt Guild

Photo Feb 20, 5 10 51 PM

In addition, we collaborated with Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts to design a QuiltCon exclusive quilt pattern that was available for free download on our website through a special code handed out at our booth. Even more exciting, we created an Instagram challenge to follow us and #chairsquilt to be entered to win a kit of the fabric.  We gave away three kits! (Not only was it  a great draw, but  we taught lots of people how to open IG accounts too!  LOL.)

Photo Feb 20, 9 04 02 AM

We had so much fun seeing how people used our different fabrics together in varied ways. The display seemed to be really. I overheard several people talking about what a great way it would be to display what their guild was working on. I really hope people use the idea because collaboration and paying it forward is what this is all about!

Photo Feb 19, 11 43 29 AM

Now that QuiltCon is done, participating guilds will be able take the blocks that were made and sew them into quilts for local charities.

It was such a great experience and we hope everyone enjoyed seeing it too!!

Photo Feb 20, 4 59 20 PM

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