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Block Builder, Block Builder Build me a block
teri • July 21, 2015 • 1 Comment

Oh the random things that go through a quilters head whilst preparing to quilt or do something quilt related. Oh! Yes, I know, random things go through everyone’s heads… but seriously, the random things that go through a quilters head? Ayeyiyi!

Now let’s add that often quilters start to see how just about everything can be crafted into quilt. And just about everything can, from the Grand Canyon to the Block Builder starter below.


starter block for July August 2015

Click here for a full page with which to play


The awesome thing about block builder is the endless possibilities. Let’s say, for the sake of enthusiasm, that you have a whole package of 10″ squares and a whole bunch of half-rectangle triangles that have your favorite fusible web carefully ironed on (remember not to over heat and turn the fusible into plastic). In just a short time an artistic rendition of a quilt is ready for any q-bie to add some fantastic, free-motion machine quilting and voila! A quilt.

Or perhaps, dear Q-Bie, there is a program on your computer to “paint”. One could, potentially, open a Block Builder block in the aforementioned program and add “paint” with a variety of brushes and line widths to create a master piece to be printed, and posted as art on the refrigerator. Or, said print, has the potential to become a quilt in its own right.
starter block for July August 2015 teri fill in


The beauty of this kind of play is the endless possibility and fun. One of our associate editors “painted” the above block and had lots of fun. This associate editor was heard to say, “it’s like having the big box of 128 crayons, and all the color pencils, and pastels and paint all ready to play. And nothing will dry out.”


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    Fun, fun, fun!!

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