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Between the Covers: May/June 2015
teri • May 14, 2015 • 1 Comment

FC_GQ16MJ15As we reveal the May/June cover, Jake, Melissa M, Melissa K, Jamie, Tracy and Bev are headed to Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Generation Q Magazine may be the first quilting lifestyle magazine to have a rugged-but-handsome cowboy on the cover. And the quilt by Diann LoganVery Reclusive Star–is kinda cute, too. Eye candy for all kinds of quilters, don’t you think?

(Important: We’ll be honest. Because of our joining forces with a new printer, the May-June issue is a bit delayed. Copies for shops and subscribers are scheduled to hit the mails in about a week.)

Here’s some of what the issue holds:

Days for Girls Show us Your Undies: It’s a Wrap! All I (Teri) can say is Wow! The live-sew efforts in several Gen Q cities were prolific, and we tell you all about the love.

“I was just amazed at the people who not only joined in, but knocked it out of the park.” says Associate Editor-Kitten Wrangler Tracy Mooney. A success indeed. And many thanks to the shops and volunteers who made it happen.

Then, when life gets tough, quilters get stitching. Abby Glassenberg, of While She Naps shares with us the journey of one mother, Penny Gold, and the quilt she made that received a lot of attention at QuiltCon.

Quilting Trial

Penny Gold I am a Woman Quilting Test

The Playdates…oh, do we have Playdates! Knits are finding great popularity in the quilting community as more quilters hit the runway with simple skirts and dresses. Pat Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics and her design team shine with the Ruffle Sleeve Kimono Dress made in a supple AGF knit. The little-or-no-fit dress/tunic has simple, easy to follow instructions.

Farah Wolfe’s Build a Town Play Mat is a portable, simply quilted, and oh-so-fun play mat that will keep your little ones entertained or for hours. Farah offers some suggestions for games she’s played with her kids. Have a baby shower or kids birthday party coming up soon? This is a great gift idea!

But wait! There’s more! From quilters Diann Logan (Very Reclusive Star), Rashida Coleman-Hale (Beach House), Jessica Levitt (Horizons), Jennifer Moore (Llama Love), and Carolyn Forster (Wonky Twinkle Stars).

And you can meet Melissa Averinos in I am GenQ and see quilter Cristy Fincher’s first quilt.

Sweetbriar 1

created by Jessica of Sweetbriar Sisters

Our GenQ 25 story features free printable sewing references and fun stuff. You know, the kind of references that get taped to the sewing room wall with blue painter’s tape (because it stays forever and doesn’t leave any sticky residue). Except the ruler; use the ruler.


Llama Love by Jennifer Moore of Monaluna.

And, Dear Q-Bies, stay tuned to this batt channel for updates and full instrux on this beauty Llama Love by Jennifer Moore of Monaluna.

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.

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