Jake Finch, Co-Founder and Publisher


In 1987, the year I got married (yes, I was a child bride), I traded my credit cards for a sewing machine with my husband. Today I have five machines and more cards than I should, but I also have an incredible job where I get to indulge my passion for fiber with my journalistic passion for words and images. I started on the machine by teaching myself how to make clothing. (You should see those first attempts…) An accidental move onto quilting became an obsession lasting now more than, gulp, 22 years. (I swear I was a child bride!) And I love the modern movement! I’ve written or edited five books on quilting and sewing and edited a couple of quilt mags. In my spare time, I shepherd a small group of Girl Scouts, and find myself being raised by my precocious 14-year-old Samantha (already a quilter) and hubby, Stephen, in Southern California.