Canadian Quilters Launch Cross-Country Quilt Tour

December 1, 2014

By Jackie White Hi, it’s one of your northern quilters dropping in to be a guest blogger again! I am the president of the Canadian Quilters Association/Association Canadienne de la Courtepointe (CQA/ACC) (www.canadianquilter.com/index.php) and I’d love to tell you what we quilters are up to in Canada. Some months ago, I told you about our [...]

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Color Carnival Row-Along Continues; Row 4 The Zipper and Row 5 Bumper Cars

September 2, 2014

Any good carnival has lots of sights and sounds (and ice cream, cotton candy, fried pickles and good bbq). There’s a beginning (the gate), lots of middle (rides, games, vendors…did I mention the rides?) and an end (the last ride before going home). We’re in the middle part on our Color Carnival Row-Along designed by [...]

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Sew In Style: Make Your Own Doll Clothes Blog Tour

July 26, 2014

When author Erin Hentzel approached us about joining the blog tour for her new book Sew In Style: Make Your Own Doll Clothes, I quickly agreed. Having a 10-year-old daughter (and junior editor) who LOVES her American Girl doll, I bet you can understand why there was no hesitation. I have made doll clothes for [...]

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Showing Off the Baby

May 15, 2014

Hello! This is Megan, your intrepid reporter coming to you from Quilt Market in beautiful downtown Pittsburgh! It’s been drizzling and raining all day, but that didn’t stop lots of shop owners and industry professionals from heading over to the convention center for Schoolhouse. What is Schoolhouse, you ask? The day before the Market show [...]

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Quilting With Code (And Some Giveaways)

May 8, 2014

Quilting, math and science have a lot to do with each other, as you’ll see in our just-released May-June 2014 issue. In Trendology, we write about the whole quilting-STEM connection. (That’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, for all you who don’t have a schoolkid at home.) And we also spotlight Libs Elliott and her computer-code designed [...]

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The Party Goes On! More Stitch ‘n Swap Coming Your Way…

April 29, 2014

By Vicki Tymczyszyn So, when I first learned that we (the GenQ staff and friends) were going to do a book on swaps, I was so excited! Not just because I had some ideas, but I couldn’t wait to see what else our friends had up their sleeves. You see, I’ve been involved with quilt [...]

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Stitch ‘N Swap Blog Party!

April 24, 2014

Here at Generation Q Magazine, we’re all about community. We know that without our community, we would not still be here, against all the odds, continuing to play with you. You make it fun for us to do what we do: playing with fabric and sharing our findings and creativity with you. That’s what our [...]

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Between the Covers: Generation Q Magazine May/June issue!

April 23, 2014

The latest issue of Generation Q is out and about, people! And gracing our May-June 2014  cover is Jake’s daughter, Samantha Finch, sporting a lovely smile and snuggling up to some great pillows created by our pal, designer Melissa Peda! Now, word has it that said daughter Sam was not thrilled (read: had a snark [...]

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In The Q-niverse: Grand Central Terminal

April 8, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Q-bies! File this under extremely cool in the q-niverse: Quilts and Grand Central!  Could there be anything cooler than quilts in an amazing historic building? If you’re in the New York area, it’s time to get to Grand Central Terminal and see the Grand Central Centennial Quilts Exhibition organized by The City Quilter [...]

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March 26, 2014

It’s time for StashFest! It’s one of the coolest fabricky gatherings in the Northwest–a FREE, two-day meet-up of the quilting and textile community to raise awareness and funds for the LaConner Quilt & Textile Museum. And the LaConner is a so-worthy textile cause. It was founded by Rita Hupy in 1997 as a place to [...]

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