We Sew 2 – Gifty Kids Holiday Sewalong BONUS!

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Hi everyone! I know that I said I would only do four weeks of projects, but since Christmas is next week I thought I would add an extra project – one of my favorite projects ever.


Giving Bunnies

The Giving Bunnies Project is the brainchild of Niamh, the Evil Genius over at Urban Threads. (What?!? That really is her title…) Niamh was inspired by yarn bombing and other guerrilla crafting movements going on in cities around the country, but she is an embroiderer. So she came up with the idea for a small project that is quick to stitch up, and since she loves bunnies… well, the idea was born. This project is meant to give away and to leave these little bunnies in places where people might find them and to brighten someone’s day with a fluffy little toy.

When I saw this project I was all in, but it took a few years for me to get an embroidery machine. Honestly, you don’t need an embroidery machine, but I knew if I made these by hand when my daughter Cyd was younger, well, she would want all of the bunnies for herself.

So when I got the embroidery machine (I love my BERNINA 790!!!) and decided we would feature this project in GenQ (March/April 2015), I explained to Cyd that we would make some and she could keep one – BUT the rest were for giving away.

Giving Bunny tags



The best part is naming them and adding the tag! She spends a lot of time deciding what name they look like, because they all come out slightly different.

Next stop, Starbucks!


We gave the bunny to the girl at the counter and asked her to give it to the next person who came in the shop.


Not sure if you can see, but the very next person to come in was a woman with her son! We were so happy!


Next stop the LIBRARY!


The kid section of course!


See that smile?


Cydney made a dozen total last year. Not all by machine – a few she made by hand.

Here are a few photos she took ( don’t tell her they came out blurry, okay?)



All in all, she LOVED this project. She loves stuffed animals anyway, so getting to make them was fun for her. I wondered if she would enjoy giving them away and I think you can see from her face that she loved that too!

Head over to Urban Threads for the instructions on how to make Giving Bunnies and then make a few! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us – tag us on Instagram @GenQMag with the hashtags #WeSew2 and #GiftyKidsSewAlong. We would love to see what you make!


I guarantee you will have so much fun!




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