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teri • August 02, 2016 • 19 Comments

Sue Pelland Front CoverHearts and More: Rotary Cut Appliqué, An Owners Manual  by Sue Pelland  $27.95

Treat alert!  With the recent rocking news of quilting world closures, we thought a bit o’ fun would be in order. An exploration of Sue Pelland’s latest book fills the bill nicely. It’s fun to get to know an author as well as share the details of their book.

First off, know that Hearts And More is a labor of love. Sue wrote and self-published her book. Any author will tell you a self-published book is a lot of work, from developing the technique–and in this case developing a ruler set–writing patterns, selecting fabrics, making, taking beauty shots (like the one on the front cover), and oh, so many more details.

Next, the whole concept of using a rotary cutter to generate curvy shapes is a little mind-bending, re-wind to the part where we mention her new ruler. Sue developed a three-ruler set to make a variety of shapes that are perfect for piecing and appliqué work. Check out this beauty just below.

SPD Hearts and more Ruler

The lines make sense to us as quilters, who frequently use rulers with the 30-, 60-, and 90-degree angles marked on them. This makes it easier to cut the desired shapes, such as turning a square into a heart. Really! Sue goes further to show you how to make bias strips quickly and easily, allowing us to make the most from our fabric.
It gets even better when you see how the ruler is used in each pattern to create appliqué shapes, or quilt blocks. Cutting leaf, flower, heart, links, ovals and other shapes becomes effortless. Hearts And More showcases nine projects, supported by six chapters dedicated to the techniques needed to make the quilts.

Photo 2 for pattern-002

Having a tool that will take a simple square and make a heart shape makes a certain quilter on our staff pretty darned giddy. The thought of cutting out all of these shapes using templates, and scissors makes this staffer a little cranky. And when said staffer is cranky, there is no quilting. And when there is no quilting…oh, you get the picture don’t you? (Pass the glass of wine, red, please!)
Kona Conversation Hearts 1

In the technique part of her book Sue talks irons, fusible web, rotary cutter sizes, how to care for the Hearts and More ™ ruler, and more. These tips will go a long way toward making a quilt like the one above, Miniature Conversation Hearts. Speaking of which, Sue is offering the pattern for Miniature Conversation Hearts free on her website. How cool is that?! Can you just imagine stitching, or writing words of inspiration, love, or a bit of goofiness! (“I love you, even when you toot!” maybe?)

So with that sense of goofiness in mind, let’s have a little contest, shall we? We have a copy of the book and a set of the Hearts and More ™ Rulers to give away. So, imagine that it’s Valentines Day, and you have a fistful of those ubiquitous conversation candy hearts. What would yours say? Post your sayings as a comment on this post, and on Monday, Aug. 8, 2016, we will choose a winner. U.S. only please, due to shipping costs. (Sorry! :-/)

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.


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  • Vicki Tymczyszyn • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    This is amazing! Since it is self-published, how can I get her book?

  • Sally Fly • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    Love Is Heart To Heart

  • Beth Harkins Ingersoll • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    Well, “Be Mine!” of course–just like this book and ruler need to be!

  • Dot • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    At a family gathering many years ago, someone said, “Ladies, what three little words would you most like to hear your husband say to you?” Without a second’s hesitation, Aunt Virginia gave her answer, “You are right!” I won second place with “Let’s eat out!”

  • Beth T. • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    “Registered Voter” — because for me, there’s nothing that’s a bigger turn-off than a disinterested, uninformed partner who isn’t working to make our country better.

  • Julie Dunn • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #6

    I love U sew!

  • Anne Wiens • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #7

    Ooooh, I need one of those!

    • Anne Wiens • 4 years ago
      COMMENT #

      To answer your question: I FQs

      • Anne Wiens • 4 years ago
        COMMENT #

        I guess WordPress doesn’t like symbols. It was supposed to be “I (heart) U (more-than sign) FQs”

  • Carrie • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #8

    Sew Much Love <3

  • Janie • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #9

    I would make a child’s quilt. I would use love ewe, be mine, and Nina’s girl. Thank you!

  • Doreen Diehl • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #10

    Sew in Love with U and GenQ

  • Janet T • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #11

    I’m sew happy!

  • quiltzyx • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #12

    Be Mine
    Red Wine!

  • Heather K • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #13

    There’s no rush.

  • Karen E. • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #14

    You are the Love of my Life.

  • Ruth D • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #15

    I met Sue at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show years ago, demoing her “leave and more” rulers. Have been a big fan ever since. Love all she does!

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