Sewing = A Beach Vacation

March 4, 2013

  For professional organizer Elizabeth Tawney Gross, sewing is like a beach vacation, except there’s no sand and no sunburn (unless you back into the iron!) Well, we’re kinda stretching it here. Actually she’s talking about your sewing room. If you approach organizing your sew-space with a beach vacay metaphor in mind, it’s easy to [...]

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How To: Shop for a new sewing machine

January 30, 2013

How many of us dream about our next sewing machines? You know, those deep, dark mechanical fantasies that give our car-obsessed other halves a race for their unending devotion to what could be? Yep. That’s what we thought. All of us! And since there are more than a few makes and models on the market [...]

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Road Games

November 3, 2012

(Or, how two Q-Bies amuse themselves while slogging across Texas toward their Albuquerque home, after several days of action-packed Quilt Market.) Maybe it was the hypnotizing, lunar-like landscape west of Fort Stockton. Or the fact that we ran out of Market chatter outside San Antonio, right about where radio signals fade. (Or the fact that [...]

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My First (& Second) Quilts: Melissa Edition

March 21, 2012

My First & Second Quilts: Melissa Edition Here’s a loose, technical description of my very first quilt: a whole cloth affair that I machine-quilted myself (although I had no clue that that was what I was doing). It was the late ‘70s. I was in college, and was preparing to move into my first apartment after a year [...]

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