Saturday Special

Saturday Special: A Little Brit & A Little Thought

August 4, 2012

Quilt of the Week: At the risk of being TOO timely, this Union Jack quilt by Amy Smart was finished JUST in time for the Olympics in London.  And we can’t get enough Britannia lately, can we?  (Also see Diamond Jubilee, Royal Wedding, Colin Firth, Spice Girl Reunion, etc.)  And like Amy, we just can’t [...]

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Saturday Special: Summer Zen: Two ways!

July 21, 2012

Post of the Month (since we haven’t posted the last couple of Saturdays): Busy, busy, busy.  That’s what we are around here as we put the second print issue of GenQ to bed. But today’s shout-out post reminds us all of a great many things. Firstly, that there are real people behind these pretty and [...]

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Saturday Special: Art Gallery Fabrics and a Quilt Pact

May 5, 2012

Post of the Week: Pat Bravo and crew have crossed a milestone and this week they blogged about it here. Because we are  hitting some milestones ourselves, we thought we’d share Art Gallery Fabrics’ moment here with you, as well. Jake sent me over there to check out the goings-on at the freshly reworked AGF [...]

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Saturday Special: A T-Shirt Quilt and an Inspirational Essay

April 28, 2012

Quilt of the Week Today’s Quilt of the Week was selected by Jake, who came across it in one of her favorite blogs, Lil Blue Boo. Says Jake, “The reason I really liked this T-shirt quilt is because normally these quilts feature the WHOLE front of a T-shirt and there’s little design or style to [...]

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SATURDAY SPECIAL: Spring Fling, Fabric-8 and a Purple Mini-Wonder

April 21, 2012

  Isn’t spring grand? Lawns are finally being mowed, flowers are bursting forth everywhere, and the sun is coming back. Okay, for our southern hemisphere friends the sun is leaving, leaves are turning glorious russet shades, and it’s harvest time, but either way these transitional seasons get us Q-bies all worked up to try something new! [...]

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Saturday Special: Nine Patch and Four People

April 14, 2012

Quilt of the Week Wow, what a striking combination of four colors: green, orange, black and white! We love this Urban Nine Patch quilt that Jenny has come up with.  And in these colors, it rocks the Q-niverse.  It gives the impression of the ultimate mash-up of the humble nine-patch with the timeless delight of [...]

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Saturday Special: Cherry Blossom and More Copyright

March 31, 2012

Quilt of the Week Kaelin worked up this little quilt as part of getting back into quilting after problems with her neck.  What a fun and cute way to recuperate. Why can’t all doctors give this kind of advice?  What is so fun about this little quilt is that what we love about it, the dainty [...]

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Saturday Special:To Swoon for!

March 17, 2012

In honor of International Quilt Day, it seems only fitting that we chose this post for our Post of Posts for the first quarter of 2012.  Katy really started what we call a Q-niverse Phenomenon with her simple little invitation for everyone to Swoon-a-along with her. Swoon, a quilt pattern created by the fabulous Camille Roskelley [...]

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Saturday Special: Math Facts and a Ribbon Wrangler

March 10, 2012

Quilt of the Week This quilt is Super-Octane-Orangified in our opinion. Ten years ago, you would never have seen a quilt like this, and we are so psyched that it is here now. And so timely with this year’s Pantone color of the year!  You can read the whole story of the inspiration for the [...]

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Saturday Special: Tilted Squares and an I Ching Quilt-Along

February 11, 2012

Quilt of the Week Ever since I started quilting, I have wanted to make quilts in nothing but solids. It was the boldly colored Amish quilts that drew me to quilting in the first place, and though I almost always use solids in my quilts, they have only been there as a contrast to the [...]

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