We’d Like to Present Issue 14: The First for 2015!!

jake • January 11, 2015 • 6 Comments

Issue 14 Cover

We love new beginnings. And a new year is a great time to start life fresh. Our first issue of 2015 is just that–fresh!

We’ve gotta say that even though this issue felt like we were giving birth in the roughest and most primitive of circumstances, that we still love our new baby completely! There are some amazing project here (Megan Dougherty’s Breaking Waves as featured on our cover is one), and Dan Sekerak’s Candy Stripe is another. (His mom quilted this delightful and striking quilt!)


Of course we’re not just about the patterns. And that’s where we brag hard about our own Tracy Mooney. After struggling for years with immune system issues, our Red Wonder wrote honestly and insightfully about how to keep on sewing, even if your body sometimes resists. Two articles (Sewing Forth and 25 Tools and Strategies for Adaptive Sewing) offer scads of ideas for overcoming the aches and ailments that can keep us from our sewing. Tracy, we’re proud of you, Girl!

And of course there’s much more, but we’re going stop here and nudge you–friendly like–to find your own way to a copy. Check out our list of local quilt shops that carry us or have one delivered to your hot little hands by your postal-person.

And to keep you smiling until you get us, we’re stimulating those creative enzymes and challenging you to our newest Block Builder! Submissions due February 17.

Jan Feb starter block for  April May builder blocks (1)

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.


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  • annette verhey • 7 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    i am too late for the awesome giveaway, but here goes for my input.

    is there any way to buy old issues (for less)?

    likes of the magazine:

    i love the small size. and the printed format. i don’t read off of my screen. i print it first. better angle for my neck and much more humane. print issue saves me reams of paper, etc. otherwise spent on printing articles, patterns, etc. i also don’t listen to any tutorials. i’ll take a print by print pattern any day (and print it off). it takes too much time to watch and then when i go to make or use the tutorial for real, i’d have to consult it again anyway, so then i’d have to re-watch it which is a waste of time and not helpful at all.

    i like the interesting read. it balances the creative side of my brain used quilting. and the surveys! love them!! they soothe my analytical self. and it’s always so interesting to see where i fit in with the rest of the world.

    i’ve only bought 2 magazines. but i like the bold use of colour. bold way of anything suits me.

    also, boldly politically incorrect at times and brave enough to publish your own opinion. that is so refreshing in 2015. all the other books and magazines are politically correct, especially in canada! we are tolerant to death and it’s stifling, not to mention boring/predictable. if you wish to publish recipes (i don’t think you need to, but hey i also appreciate it because it’s all in a day’s work/read for me. women do all the work, you know. we are not one-trick people much as we’d like to be.) or drink guides, go ahead. it’s nice to see. and besides, you didn’t start a section on it, just publish it sometimes. it shakes things up a bit. another month you’ll put in something else that isn’t a regular feature and that is what keep the magazine new and unpredictable. people who complain that you’re not politically correct are (in my view) actually bullies in diguise because they expect to have everyone else jump to their standards. i don’t expect others to like my opinions, much less to adhere to them, but i do expect to be able to say them in a civilized way.

    i love multiple colourways of a quilt. this is so basic, but it never fails to surprise me that even if i do not fancy the quilt, one or another of the variations will hook me in to liking it. i know i could have done the colour homework, but it’s not the same as having you provide 3 or 4 alternates.

    stories are always welcome. we are women mostly. and who can resist a good story?

    dislikes of the magazine:

    i detest talking up nature for inspiration or anything else. i appreciate it for walking and living in adn realize it is our basis, but to blab about it equals yoga or meditation or anything else like that (which i’ve never done or care to). it does not inspire me.

    nor do cats. i immediately judge anything written that includes cats as less. they must have nothing better to substitute. sorry cat lovers, that’s my beef. it goes for dogs too, even though i like both animals in real life. pictures of them and gushing about them are taboo, just like nature.

    i don’t wish to be negative, which i don’t think i am, but you asked for feedback. if i’m not strong enough, you may miss my point.

    i don’t do much online at all, do not have a facebook account because i refuse to waste time like that. my life is busy and i can’t give it away to screen time.

    the name? what does it mean and who does it target? which age group is generation X? i think it’s a bit exclusive in that it leaves out the younger kids learning to sew and the older ones who have sewn all their lives. there must be a way to come up with a revamp. A context perhaps?….

    no patterns or coverage of any sort for bags and purses. they are so overdone. i’m too busy quilting and reading to bother wasting time on something i can so easily and better buy.

    would like the magazine to do differently:

    i would like to see monthly issues although not at the expense of losing content each month. i love how jampacked each issue and that is part of the thrill. it’s not skinny! so maybe add staff to keep it just as full and vibrant, but more frequent.

    i also appreciate more reviews for notions, tools, fabrics and also methods. a lot of us “know” how to do things, but some methods are easier, faster, or slower, but more pleasant. faster isn’t always better for me if it involves tasks i hate, such as trimming down to size. to me that is no improvement because it wastes more time and bores me to tears. i’d rather concentrate and sew perfection seams in the first place and press once.

    challenges would be fun, especially in the area of colour (which most people seem to agree with).

    would you be able to have a “quilt show” somehow someway? i don’t know how, but maybe online or in a real place. it would be very adventuresome.

    i’d also like to see ways to use “old, crappy fabric” that too many of us have. there have to be modern, snappy ways to use it up in large portions. would you sort it by colour, value, pattern, or theme?

    worldwide coverage rather than just north american. is that an option? or would it enhance the magazine. not sure, just thought it might be worth exploring.

    more studio shots. we all (i think) love them as much as a good story.

    would you tell me how to best and fastest organize patterns and tutorials as well as anything else online or on my computer. i can’t possibly print everything! and i don’t want to lose the addresses of nice websites or such. please help me! i am drowning in information.

    those are my thoughts. hope they’re useful. i know i’d like them if it were my magazine. having read through tons of them certainly gives one a reference point very quickly.

    thanks for listening. i look forward to a reply (if possible) because i’m sincere. i will look to buy your next copy. just don’t know where. maybe a subscription would be better. can i get a discounted subscription for my thoughts?

    thank you so much,


    • Tricia - Handmade Whimzy • 7 years ago
      COMMENT #

      You mentioned that the name of the magazine is Generation X and that it leaves out certain age groups.
      The name of the magazine is Generation Q – Q as in Quilt. It is not for any age group but for all those who quilt, or at least that has always been my understanding.

  • Linda • 7 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    I agree with Annette on most points as to what the perfect magazine would be but I like to have the option to trim down. Looking forward to receiving my first issue.

  • quiltzyx • 7 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    Must remember to check my mailbox, now that I know the new GenQ is on the way – Hooray!

  • jmnech • 7 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    Hmm, did I miss an issue? I love GenQ! Now I need to check around to see if I did get mine… I don’t recall seeing it of late… Must check to see if my subscription is up to date…

  • Sally Johnson • 7 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    Going to love trying this block.

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