We Sew 2 Gifty Kids Holiday Sewalong – Week 4

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The final week of the We Sew 2 Holiday Sewalong for kids is coming to an end, but the kids projects continue in every issue of Generation Q Magazine!

The final project is one that made junior editor Cydney very happy. When we made these pillowcases, it was the first large seam she had ever sewn. It also was the first practical sewing Cyd had ever done, meaning it wasn’t a toy or a project to simply learn a technique. She was nervous about tackling such a large length of fabric – but those great Wonder Clips from Clover and the Ideal Seam Guide came to the rescue and helped her keep the tube together and seam straight.

And you know what? She still uses these pillowcases on her bed to this day! How is that for sturdy? (I also think the quilting cotton is softer than store bought pillowcases, just sayin’…  )

Look at that smile! She is so proud of herself in this shot.


You can embellish the cuff if you like, or just leave it plain. Fusible applique or embroidery would be nice, wouldn’t it?


As an added bit of fun, I thought I would share a story and a video with you. Back when we did this project, the kids who worked on these projects were the children of the GenQ staff, most of who were under 10 years old. Since this was the hardest project we had tackled to that date, I decided to make a video explaining how to sew the pillowcase. Here is what happens even to the best of us:


That video still cracks me up to this day! I hope it made you laugh too.

Whatever you do to make the pillowcase your own, have fun with it!

You can download the original instructions here: WeSew2 Pillowcases

And to all my honorary “junior editors” out there…

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Joyous Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!


<3 Tracy

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