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Is your loved one asking for gift ideas for, oh, World Book Night* (April 23) or Root Canal Appreciation Day** (May 11)? Or even the more mundane Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Well, we have your back. Or book, as the case may be. Here are sneak peeks of some of the most interesting new titles hitting the q-niverse. (And can we just say thank you for continuing to actually read, rather than just absorbing your info via social media or vid channels?)

Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design    

By Amy Friend
Lucky Spool Media, 2017
Distributed by Taunton Publishing
143 pages, softcover, $28.95

This book’s dedication gives you an idea of the thought-provoking work between these covers. It reads: “This book is dedicated to all makers who are ready to take a creative risk.” And you will! Amy lays out her improvisational approach to block design and grid work to create unusual paper-pieced blocks. Plus she includes 10 creativity exercises that illustrate how to meld these two techniques and explore asymmetry, symmetry and architectural influences, to name a few. Perfect for a year-long guild (or personal) study program!

The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay and Costuming  

By Gillian Conaham
Photographs by Karen Pearson
Abrams, 2017
205 pages, softcover, $24.95

This one has us totally excited! Cosplay is the hottest crafty area attracting new stitchers.  Author Gillian Conahan—a crazy devoted cosplayer—provides pretty much everything you need to create the costume of your dreams, except maybe the actual needle, thread and fabric. (And she’s got the cred, too, as editor-in-chief of Vogue Patterns magazine.) Book includes 10 original projects and patterns, such as jumpsuits, jackets, pants, etc., which can be mixed and matched to create a ton of costumes. Pirates or elves, anyone?

Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined: Fresh Techniques and Designs  

By Allie Aller
C &T Publishing
100 pages, softcover,$29.95; e-book, $20.99

Stained-glass windows have timeless appeal. (Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany…swoon!). Stained-glass quilts have that same allure. It’s just the doing where things get tricky. But no more! Allie Aller’s fresh approach to creating this style will entice you to enlarge your style repertoire and eventually create your own stained-glass designs from needlework, downloadable images,  coloring books or original drawings. Allie offers three ways to add “leading” to designs (hint: no bias tape!), so you can add that enduring stained-glass appeal to pieced or appliqued designs with less sew-stress.

Zen Chic Inspired: A Guide to Modern Quilt Design

By Brigitte Heitland
Martingale/That Patchwork Place, 2017
80 pages, softcover, $26.99

Home dec and quilt-making can creatively join forces to add a little modern vibe to each room in your house, as Brigitte shows in her new book. She presents color in an approachable, yet sophisticated, way leading us through a variety of color palettes or groupings that also illustrate how each palette can work in a quilt. And there are 12 quilts as inspiration for your home…possibilities = endless.

Artful Log Cabin Quilt: From Inspiration to Art Color Composition & Visual Pathways

By Katie Pasquini Masopust      
C & T Publishing
80 pages, softcover, $26.95; e-book, $18.99

So if taking a class with Katie PM is on your bucket list and you just can’t do it, jet over to your LQS and get her latest book. As she demonstrates, a simple log cabin block can become a rich and dynamic fiber art statement through inspired use of color, fabric choices and placement. The options for block sizes and use of color mean you could use pretty much any fabric in your stash. Katie talks about color, design, sorting fabrics and choosing the right fabrics for the quilts. And she knows how to work smart—how about using a wooden drying rack to keep fabrics sorted?  #wishwedthoughtofthat

Boho Embroidery: Modern Projects from Traditional Stitches  
By Nichole Vogelsinger
Lucky Spool Media, 2017

Distributed by Taunton Publishing

128 pages, softcover, $24.95

The emphasis here is on “textile art” that combines embroidery and appliqué, and goes way beyond  your basic outline and stem stitches. There are step-by-step illustrations and instructions for 16 different embroidery stitches, and a variety of projects that showcase unique combos of color, printed fabrics, threads and patterns. Nichole’s projects range from collaged hoops with multiple elements (such as thrift store linens) to wearable accessories and embellishments. A fine way to get into some handwork if you are bored stiff with hexies!

Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3: 61 Designs to Finish Your Quilts with Flair
By Lori Kennedy       
Martingale/That Patchwork Place, 2017
144 pages; softcover, $28.99; e-book, $19.99
Finding a path in the machine quilting world is sometimes challenging. That said, Lori stitches this down one motif at a time, and shares her how-to wisdom in clear text and 400+ photos. Plus, she’s got time-tested tips and hints for practice, such as how to set up your machine, motifs to try first, when to stop for pizza. (Just kidding on that last one!) The point is, this is a good book for a struggling free motion machine quilter.


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