Playdate: Shamrock Block

the GenQ Crew • March 05, 2012 • 6 Comments

Did you know there’s actually a town in Ireland named Quilty? A few years ago, when Melissa and her family were traveling there, they tried like the dickens to find their way to the ferry and ride across the river just so they could take her picture in front of the “Quilty” city limits sign.

No go. Jet lag won out. (Plus the fact that no one else in the car could give a rat’s patootie whether they found this stupid sign or not.)

Thankfully, she brought back other souvenirs, not the least of which is an ongoing love of the country and its culture. (Even if her husband caught food poisoning on their last night there and ralphed his way westward across the Atlantic.)

So, St. Patrick’s Day? Yeah, it’s a major holiday in the Maher household. And she’s toasting designer Sarah Fielke‘s seasonal sewn ode to the Emerald Isle. Slainte!






Have You Kicked Us In The Pants Yet?  

Unless you’ve been in a coma lately, you probably know that GenQ launched its Kickstarter appeal for funding to print the premier issue and appear at International Quilt Market in Kansas City this May. (Use this handy link to see our project and check on its status.)

Early returns on our project have been, well, MIND-BLOWING! We’ve been blessed to receive more than $16,000—more than 80% of our projected goal of $20,000—in just a few days. Thank you SO MUCH for your confidence in GenQ, and for stepping up to help us take this next step. Let’s just say the pledge rewards with fabric attached were hot hot hot! (And keep an eye out for new fabric rewards…the GenQ stash is almost endless.)

Our Kickstarter appeal stays live until midnight on April 17. And there are three important things to remember: 1) If we don’t meet our specified goal, we do not receive any of the pledges; 2) you are allowed to pledge again, if additional rewards catch your fancy; and 3) we are allowed to exceed our goal. (Sweet, huh?)

So thank you again for helping GenQ grow into print. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you!

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  • quiltzyx/sue • 10 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    I have been thinking about making a shamrock mug rug for my guild Secret Pal – now I have a pattern! Yippee!!!

    Congrats on the piles of pledges at Kickstarter! Go team!!!

  • Krista - Poppyprint • 10 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    Thanks for that lucky block, Sarah!

  • Karen Grant • 8 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    Beautil threads. Can’t wait to own them all.

  • Kathy Strawson • 8 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    thank you so much for this and happy St. Pats to you. I will be looking for the town named Quilty on my next visit!!

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