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the GenQ Crew • July 31, 2011 • 1 Comment

Hey, Q-bies!

Jake was pounding the floor at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California, this weekend. Did you see her? She had a great time connecting with companies and quilters alike, and spreading the Generation Q message. If any of you were there as well, post your pics of your favorite Festival sights on our Facebook page!

Meanwhile, here’s what you really tuned in for: next week’s line-up…

Monday, August 1
Q-BUDS:  Y’know, quilting would be so easy if it wasn’t for all that pesky math. Guest columnist Josh Cacopardo confesses his mathematical limitations and gets a practical lesson in applied arithmetic.

Tuesday, August 2
NOSH & SLOSH: The Three Marinades. Grilled meat is sooo succulent when it’s marinated in a tasty concoction, but because “scramble” is our middle name (especially on days when we’d rather be sewing), we usually just caved in and opened a bottle of ready-made stuff…until we tried these recipes.  Our go-to marinades, just for you. Thank us later.

Wednesday, August 3
MY SPACE: Christine Barnes’ quiltified kitchen is a great example of how your stitchy style can transform just about any room in your house. We’ll tell you how she did it.

Thursday, August 4
DAZZLE: Wool is biiiiiig right now, Q-bies! So, how’s about some quilty sheep-ish bling that picks up on the wool vibe? Don’t miss Aileen Clark Crafts of Scotland’s handmade, must-have jewelry. Your guild pals will be asking for details.

Friday, August 5
THE BIG REVEAL: The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild has shared its winning Habitat Challenge blocks with us, and we’re sharing them with you! Habitat designer Jay McCarroll himself picked the winners, and we’ll let you in on the scoop.

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  • Sharon Kitts • 7 years ago
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    Hi, was just wondering, Jake was going to send me some Aurifil threads for my birthday and I haven’t seen any yet. Is my package lost? Thanks, Sharon

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