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Can it really be three years since we started sharing our families with you (our other family)?  Quirks and all, our spouses, little people and pets are a huge part of why we work so hard on GenQ. And we’re no different than most of the q-niverse. We all love to share about the ones who have our hearts. (Or so you’d think! A few years ago, however,  someone vaguely complained online about seeing too many kid pics on a quilting blog. And that struck home with us. Why  else do we sew and quilt if not to share our stitched bounty with the ones we love? So showing our heartthrobs is just as important as showing our quilts. Amen, sistah!)

So, in that great tradition, some of our staff shares in this post about the cuteness quotient in their lives.  Iit’s all about the thankfulness, people! (Even when your neighbor turns on his fuse-blowing holiday light display before the turkey has been served.)

From Michelle Freedman, our advertising sales manager (sung to the tune of  My Favorite Things):

Raindrops on noses and warm woolen sweaters.
UPS packages and handwritten letters.
Fun quilting adventure with my mom at Sisters.
Cute family photos with all of my sisters!
Warm summer sunshine and cool frosted donuts.
Pancakes and Mai-Tais (Spam sushi for grownups.)
Mickey Mouse waffles served fresh off the grill;
Special request for our breakfast with Lil!
Mountains of whipped cream on Lili’s hot cocoa.
High jumping puppies, esta muy loca!
Barristas who draw hearts in my latte each day;
It can’t get much cuter than that, I must say!
Oh thank cuteness, We are lucky,
We take each day in stride.
We simply indulge in our favorite things
and make sure to play outside!


From Tracy Mooney, our associate editor:

In the midst of a very challenging year, I found so much for which to be grateful! I believe that if you only look at what is wrong that is all that you will see.

So this year I am grateful for a family that gave me a family portrait for Mother’s Day.

When what I usually get from the kids is this:

Sometimes they even let me recreate images from my favorite films…


And they don’t mind when I ask if we can hold hands while I play “Please , Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” on my iPhone as we walk through the Art Institute on a Saturday afternoon.


I have two cute fur babies…


And finally, I work with the most amazing group ever. I don’t know if you all realize that we pull this magazine off with a small crew that is scattered across the country.  The only time we see each other in person is at Market, but we wish we could be together more often.

From Vicki Tymczyszyn, our technical editor, who is thankful for this boatload of cuteness:

  • my husband, who still has his job;
  • my son, who returned safely from Afghanistan;
  • my daughter, who is working full-time with medical and dental benefits (in Hawaii, no less!); and
  • these crazy yahoos I get to work with (love ’em anyway).
From Megan Dougherty, our associate editor, humor writer and webmistress:
My children took center stage for the last two Oh Thank Cuteness posts, so this year I would like to shift focus a bit and talk about my husband. I met David in September of 1991, just a few months after I graduated college. I didn’t like him much. Apparently, he liked me a lot because he devoted himself to getting my attention for months until I relented and went out on a date with him. We’ve been together ever since.
I am one of those lucky, lucky people who got to marry someone I truly like as well as love. He’s funny as hell, gets my insane sense of humor, has infinite patience and is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. He’s a wonderful father (the girls are currently cuddled up with him while he reads Calvin and Hobbes to them before bed) and truly the best friend I have ever had. He means everything to me and I adore him beyond words.
He’s also pretty darn cute.
From Joan Phelps, our creative director, who hasn’t left us yet (and that makes US very thankful!):

Oh thank cuteness !

I’m most thankful for my family. Yes, for all the normal reasons we are ALL thankful for our families, but I want to thank mine for these extra special reasons.

Mom & Dad  — Thank you for always being there for me and giving me all the paper, pencils, paint, fabric scissors and glue to be creative with, and encouraging me to make whatever I wanted. And for allowing me to use you and your home as my photo studio and for letting me tear up your house in the middle of summer to create a “cozy fall scene,” just to get the right picture or create the right “two-martini lunch” photo shoot.

Our girls,  Candice Forehand and Alex Phelps–Thank you for ALWAYS being the willing models for whatever Dad & I needed for whatever project or assignments we were working on. You never complained about going under the waterfall 10 times at the water park to get just the right photo, or our taking pictures of you while loading a dishwasher with pugs in the background, and especially when we asked to use your children in quilt photos. I/we are truly thankful!

Penny our pug-dog–Thank you for always being quite the trouper and willing to put on a costume and wag your stumpy tail for the camera whenever I couldn’t find quite the right model.

And lastly,  my amazing husband, Gary — I’m MOST thankful for you! You are always willing to play along with me in all my ideas and encourage my creativity and take part in the fun, often literally shooting the pictures while I’m the creative director. I couldn’t do it without you. You have taught me the most! Thank you and I love you.

That’s this year’s dose of cuteness! And from all our GenQ families to you, the Q-bie family, we send our very best wishes for a safe, meaningful and bountiful Thanksgiving!

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