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teri • August 18, 2014 • 44 Comments

Scrappy Bits applique by Shannon Brinkley of Bottle Tree Quilts brings a sense of fun and freedom to applique. The projects in this book are just like the crispiest potato chips…Can’t choose just one project to like, so let’s just do them all!

Shannon covers all the important stuff from color and technique to tools and fabrics simply and clearly. And she offers the most important thing ever: plenty of options within the techniques to make these fusible quilts your own, both in the planning and in the execution of each one of the patterns. Stinkin’ cool!

But yeah, okay, we’ll pick our fave: Around the World is either a great geography lesson for kids in school or the perfect map for authors and teachers to put pins showing all the cool places they’ve taught and visited.

Around the World

Can we have a second fave, though? This friendly Tamed Fox gets everyone singing.

This Tamed Fox brought a song to mind!


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To learn more about Shannon, follow her: IG- @shannonebrinkley,Tw- @bottletrees, FB- Bottle Tree Quilts

 And now for a giveaway!

 Just comment telling us about your most fun applique quilt ever. On Tuesday August 26, we’ll draw a random winner, who’ll get either a hard copy (US) or e-book (outside of the US) of Scrappy Bits applique!

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.

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  • Jane • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    I really love doing applique and am working on improving my technique. My largest and most intricate piece has been a BOM of a Ricky Tims quilt entitled, “Colorful Rhapsody.” I learned so much through this challenge! It is proudly hanging in my husband’s office.

  • Vicki H • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    I love all the applique in her book. I have yet to try applique.

  • Margaret Williams • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    My favorite applique quilt was an elephant quilt for my daughter’s bedroom. I was really nervous and it turned out great. I love the idea of scrappy bits applique, it looks so detailed, but sounds easy.

  • Dierdra Stary • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    Dear Generation Q Magazine,
    My most fun and best applique project was a Lone Star Quilt (or Indian Star quilt) that I made for a friend of mine who goes on Vision Quests. We took a picture of his spider tattoo on his arm, then I made a pattern which I drew on wonder under and then adhered the fabric to the wonder under. He was impressed that his own tattoo design was now an applique design. I then hand quilted around the spider in the middle of the star. The piece turned out great.

  • Debra Kay Neiman • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    I made an applique quilt for a friend’s baby with rabbits, that was really fun. Also a friendship quilt for my favorite nurse with appliqued musical angles. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  • Sarah V • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #6

    I’ve never done applique, so I’m looking forward to learning!

  • Lisa Marie • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #7

    I made a fairly involved needleturn applique wall quilt of an owl for my dad. When I started it, I hadn’t done much hand applique and set the project aside several times thinking I just wouldn’t be able to do it. I finally convinced myself to just keep working on it with the old saying “how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time”. In the end I loved the result and got a good deal of satisfaction from having finished it. So I don’t know if that’s what you mean by “fun”, but it was a good project for sure.

  • Janet T • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #8

    My friend and I made a tabletopper that was in Primitive Quilts last fall. It was fun to shop for orange fabric for the pumpkins, plaid for the leaves, etc. The search was twice a fun as we had different ideas as to fabric.

  • Ashton McClelland • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #9

    I haven’t gotten a chance to do an applique quilt yet but I’ve done lots of appliqué on other things and I have fallen in love with it. Can’t wait to try a quilt out next. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Keri • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #10

    I have a raw edge wonky circles quilt that was quite fun, but nothing like these beauties!!

  • Lizzie • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #11

    I made a mini quilt last year with a stripy pieced ground, and a appliquéd Totoro (from the Studio Gibley movie)that I designed myself. I loved making his silly shape and an umbrella for him to hold in his paws!

  • Janie • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #12

    Making an applique with lady bugs, butterfly’s, and flowers was my best one to date. I machine appliqued it and that was the first one I have done using the sewing machine. I usually do needle turn applique. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sharon - IN • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #13

    My personal fav applique quilt was one I made for a friend’s baby. I machine appliqued an elephant and the baby’s name. Cute and simple.

  • PT in SC • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #14

    I love applique, all kinds…hand applique and machine applique. I love the leaves in her book, would love to try them. My favorite applique quilt was a wall hanging I made which included flowers I transplanted from my grandmother’s garden in Mississippi to mine in South Carolina.

  • Diane • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #15

    I’ve only made one appliqué pillow and it wasn’t anything exciting. I’d love to make the Tamed Fox!

  • Carol Dillman • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #16

    Only small appliqué projects so far, no full quilt. So anxious to try though.

  • Margaret Schindler • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #17

    I did an applique quilt with hearts and nine patches all in homespun fabrics and loved it.

  • quiltzyx/sue • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #18

    I’d say that my most fun applique quilt is one that was a guild challenge, and is named after GenQ’s incredible publisher: “Hey Jake, where are ya going?”

  • wendy • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #19

    As a relatively new quilter, I haven’t made an applique quilt yet. I did make an applique cushion using wool felt and a mini quilt using an applique silhouette. I also made an entirely hand appliqued (decorative, not needleturn) alphabet chart.

  • Delaine • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #20

    The first appliqué project that I made was a table cloth and curtains using the Beads pattern. I did it using needle turn method and it was a lot of fun! Thanks!

  • Lee • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #21

    I have only appliqued small projects! I would love to do a quilt!!

  • jenetamasson • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #22

    My favourite applique projects are the two applique bed quilts I made for my kids.

  • Gina • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #23

    this made me giggle… Appliqué usually makes me think of handwork and handwork makes me think sllllooow and tedious, so “fun” and “appliqué ” don’t usually go in the same sentence for me. I did make a quilt wall hanging for my studio that was machine appliquéd with the my motto “quilt naked” because machine quilting makes me so hot. I guess it’s the concentration/focus combined with physical demands. 🙂

  • Lori Morton • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #24

    Have just started learning Applique…and am working on 2 Wallhangings now. Guess they will count as Favorites for now??? lol Making for my 2 Daughter’s..for Christmas…shhhhhh 🙂

  • Nesta • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #25

    It’s going to the charity quilt we’re making with all the hand appliqued blocks members made on our local Quilting Day for Quilt Italia!

  • Sarah J. • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #26

    I haven’t done applique in a quilt yet– but I’m itching to try! I’ve done a few small scale appliques on kids clothes. Love that map quilt– amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Carmen N • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #27

    I’m still a beginner and haven’t been brave enough to try applique (yet)

  • Kathleen Fraser • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #28

    I love her quilts from the beautiful around the world quilt to the whimsical animals. She is a very talented & creative young woman!

  • Pam • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #29

    What a delightful-looking book! My most fun applique project was made for my sister’s enclosed porch, which has a beach theme. I made wall hanging with scrappy beach shacks and palm trees and water, and sewed tiny shells on it too. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  • Karen A • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #30

    One of the first quilts I made featured an applique teddy bear that I designed. The quilt was for my 1st nephew who just turned 29.

  • Kim M • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #31

    I’ve actually never made an applique quilt before (a lot of them feel too traditional for my tastes) but these quilts are incredible and really inspire me to try some applique!

  • Karen Propes • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #32

    I haven’t made an applique quilt yet, but have so many ideas. This book would be a great asset to help me through the process. I want to make my Granddaughter and nieces and nephew quilts with applique. My Granddaughter will get a quilt and have a castle near top left and a princess at the bottom right. Thanks for all your information, and the chance to win the book.

  • Sandy K • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #33

    I have been wanting to learn to applique.

  • Kathleen Fraser • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #34

    Love this book! I must have the map. Really obsessed!

  • Jane • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #35

    Oh yes please enter my name.

    • Jane • 6 years ago
      COMMENT #

      My first appliqué was fabric collages and embroidered and given to my Mom with some calligraphy thrown in. Turned out beautifully.

  • Emily C • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #36

    My most fun applique quilt is a current WIP, consisting of many shapes. These include a hot air balloon, a sun and some clouds, a kite and many quilted stars.

  • Gill • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #37

    I haven’t made an applique quilt but I’d love to make the world wallhanging

  • ali • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #38

    Made a cute hexagon applique quilt recently that was quite fun.

  • Sarah • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #39

    The most fun applique quilt I’ve done was a baby quilt that I appliqued free form flowers all over. I loved it!

  • Jane • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #40

    I just found out that I won the copy of Scrappy bits Applique. (squeal!) Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and to Shannon for sharing her creativity with us all.

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