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teri • September 20, 2016 • 65 Comments

deborah-boschert-art-quilt-collage-coverArt Quilt Collage: A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint & Stitch
By Deborah Boschert 
C&T Publications
96 pages; $27.95, softcover print copy; $19.99, e-book

Sometimes the Q-niverse offers us the opportunity to explore something new in our quilt making. We use color in so many ways, from color and line, to contrast, highlights and depth. Sometimes it’s hard describe those explorations of color in actual words, because in our minds, we’re simply making quilts. Maybe that’s why Deborah Boschert’s Art Quilt Collage book tour takes a wee bit of a different spin. She knows the value of a good conversation, and chose to record video interviews with each of the people participating in the blog tour for her beautiful new book. If you want to know about the book–and what we thought of it–listen in:

Thanks for the chat, Deborah!
Now that you’ve watched the video, we asked  Deborah what she wants to know about you. Hmm, we need weekend entertainment ideas, so…what’s the best movie you’ve seen recently? Make your comment below, and we’ll randomly draw a winning name on Wednesday, Sept. 28. The winner will win either a softcover print copy (U.S.) or an e-book (International).

Congratulations comment #64, Elle! You’ve won a copy of Art Quilt Collage. We will be in touch by email shortly to make arrangements.

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.
P.S. Don’t miss the rest of the conversation!
September 19: C&T Publishing and Editor Lynn Koolish
September 20: Teri Lucas, Generation Q Magazine
September 21: Susan Brubaker Knapp
September 22: Sue Bleiweiss
September 23: Lyric Kinard
September 26: Lori Kennedy
September 27: Maria Shell
September 28: Jane LaFazio
September 29: Judy Coates Perez
September 30: Melanie Testa
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  • Allison in Alabama • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    Looking forward to watching Bridget Jone’s Baby!

  • Shirley Ratliff • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    The Secret Life of Pets. Great for adults – cool music that I sang as a kid! – and plenty of laughs. Enjoyed the interview!

  • Mary Chick • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    Still Alice

  • Sheila Bales • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    Sorry, haven’t seen any movies lately. Enjoyed the chat.

  • Shasta • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    The last movie I saw on the big screen was Star Wars. I really liked it, and am making a quilt to commemorate it. This book looks great. I have some acrylic paints and I am going to try some on some fabric!

  • Deborah Boschert • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #6

    It was so fun to chat with you, Teri! As for the best movie I’ve seen recently… I really loved Spotlight on Netflix. I guess there was a reason it won the Best Picture Oscar last year.

  • Susan Sawatzky • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #7

    great discussion!

  • Louise • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #8

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Sue Tuttle • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #9

    Can’t wait for the book! Last movie was The Light Between Oceans…..wonderful.

  • Laura Gottlieb • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #10

    My favorite recent movie series have been two Danish ones with subtitles: Borgen (the story of a female prime minister) and Dicte
    (a police/journalist series).

  • Kathy E. • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #11

    The last movie I saw was Bad Moms. It had funny parts, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. I’d say it was silly, stress-free fun at best.

  • Janet Beaver • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #12

    Latest movie was Sully

  • Chris • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #13

    Honestly I never go the movies but I am a PBS addict and Poldark is returning so I will binge watch the old episodes. The books are wonderful. Music to my senses.

  • Heather K • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #14

    I recently watched The Danish Girl. Fascinating (and who doesn’t love Eddie Redmayne?)

  • Geneen Granger • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #15

    The Way, by Emilio Estavez, starring his father Martin Sheen; a wonderful story along the way to Compostela.

  • mmgfiberdesigns • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #16

    Looks like a great book. thanks for the give away

  • Karen in Texas • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #17

    Dirty Grampa was funny with a great message at the end.

  • Nancy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #18

    Just saw the movie “Genius”. It was the story about Tom Wolfe the writer. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing such a great giveaway!

  • Beth-now Near Louisville KY! • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #19

    Haven’t watched a movie, entirely in one sitting is so long…. but if I have…. make a choice… it would have to be one of the cartoon comedies… Ants, Bugs Life, Monsters, Toy Stories, Shreks…. etc. any of them are humorous (innuendo and adult inside jokes).

  • The Joyful Quilter • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #20

    Teri’s interview with Deborah was SEW much FUN!!! Thanks for a chance to win the Art Quilt Collage book. Since I was actually bought one of the first 50 books, I would like to win one to donate to my Quilt Guild. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Judy Cooper • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #21

    I watched Zootopia with my five year old granddaughter. I enjoyed it!

  • Sylvia • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #22

    Blue Hawaii!

  • Debra Joyce • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #23

    Look forward to seeing the book. The last movie I saw in the theater was Star Wars:The Force Awakens. The first one I had watched in the series since the original. Am I dating myself?! Maybe it is a coincidence that Harrison Ford was in both. :o)

  • Gene Black • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #24

    I don’t get to the movies often. The last I saw was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I am such a geek that I was there opening day. But really that was my friend, Ellen’s doing.

  • Linda Strowbridge • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #25

    “The Big Short” – challenging content to deal with in a movie and they did it brilliantly

  • Kathleen • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #26

    I haven’t seen a movie in ages tho I now have Netflix. I’m going to watch The Magic of Belle Isle and lots of British series to start. Thanks very much… I enjoy Deborah’s blog and her work. The books sounds great.

  • Jennifer • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #27

    I fall asleep at every movie I watch but I did just watched an interesting documentary on soccer in Siberia..

  • Connie Simington • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #28

    Best movie… Hmmm. “Far from the Madding Crowd”… Love the Brits

  • buntyw • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #29

    I haven’t been to the cinema for ages – I think Mamma Mia was the last film I saw!

  • Jo Vanderemy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #30

    Beat movie I have seen lately was Stardust – an older movie but one that can be enjoyed and entertain of all ages.

  • jodylund • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #31

    I enjoyed Zootopia.

  • Lynne Pfeffer • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #32

    The One Hundred Foot Journey….not a recent movie but a very good one!

  • Laura M • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #33

    I almost never watch movies, but am interested in the list provided by other commenters. Thanks for these video chats about the book. Very interesting!

  • Vicki D. • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #34

    I think the last movie I watched was one of the Jason Bourne movies. I always enjoys those. I would like to see and read The Light Between Oceans.

  • Karen L. • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #35

    I hardly ever go to the movies but I would like to go see The Secret Life of Pets and Scully. The book looks like a good one to have in a quilter’s library. Thanks for the give-away.

  • Barbara J Roberts • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #36

    Criminal with Kevin Costner! Please enter me to win. Sounds like a great book!

  • ScrappyCat • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #37

    I really enjoyed Hello My Name is Doris.

  • Denny • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #38

    Zootopia. Jungle Book.

  • usairdoll • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #39

    Oh gosh, I haven’t been to the movies in a long time. I’m wanting to take my grandson and see The Jungle Book. I’ve heard it’s a great movie.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  • patty • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #40

    Flypaper – a funny movie about a bank robbery with Patrick Dempsey

  • Anita • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #41

    Thelma and Louise

  • Kimberly Brandt • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #42

    Sorry I don’t even have a TV so I am not the person to ask about movies….James Bond is the last movie I saw. I do spend many hours a day at my sewing machine though and would love to have this inspirational new book. Love the ideas I am seeing so far by looking at the many interviews on the blogs. thanks so much for the chance to win. Happy Sewing

  • Erin Sullivan • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #43

    Sully , Amazing story and of course extra special done by Tom Hanks! So excited to listen to this as I am loving Art quilting ! ( though just a beginner)

  • Joy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #44

    I rewatch Blues Brothers on occasion. I love the music and it’s so fun! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Ann Lamy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #45

    Are there any really good movies being made anymore? I just know to recommend NOT going to see JASON BOURNE…what a let-down! <3 Hoping to win this great lil' book! ***smiles***

  • Donna Joy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #46

    I just watched Poldark, and am planning to go see Bridget Jones baby.
    Thanks for giveaway.

  • Tac • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #47

    I find it difficult to sit through a whole movie these days. Watched part of the new Star wars one the other night.

  • Connie H • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #48

    The best movie I’ve seen in the last few months is The Secret Life of Pets because it reminds me of the silly things my pets have done over the years.

  • Mary K Finn • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #49

    Sad to say I can’t even remember a favorite movie as of late….but I watched Elf last week with my little grandchildren. What a cute movie and I would recommend it for a Christmas watch with young children. Thanks for the giveway.

  • Carol • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #50

    Far from the Madding Crowd – enjoyed.

  • Carol C • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #51

    I haven’t watched any movies for quite some time. I’m looking forward to a new quilting book though.

  • Marsha • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #52

    I would have to say The Jungle Book! I really wasn’t interested in seeing it but my grandson invited DH and I to come watch it with him. I was AMAZED!!!! It was fantastic and I would watch it again right away if I got the chance. Go SEE IT.

  • Stacy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #53

    My hubby and I enjoy Melissa McCarthy and we just finished watching “Spy”. Laugh out loud funny. Thanks.

  • Judy Buzby • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #54

    My favorite movie lately was Still Alice… so sad but so up to date… Would love a chance to win!

  • Judy • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #55

    Sully was my last movie.

  • Lindy Wesney • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #56

    How To Make An American Quilt, a classic.

  • Lynne D • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #57


  • Sandra • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #58

    Most recently I saw the newest Ice Age with the kids. Whatever the movie, it’s enjoyable taking the kids for that special treat!

  • Kris • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #59

    Revenant was amazing. Would buy the video but not sure it would be the same if it wasn’t on the big screne

  • Diane A • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #60

    This was a surprise to me but I LOVED the movie “Lars and the Real Girl.” Came out in 2007 but I recently found it on dvd. The premise of Lars dating a life sized doll could go all kinds of wrong so fast but it was handled in a very self controlled way and revealed a wonderful story. Funny, poignant, sweet, layered, warm. Made me laugh and cry. Check it out!

  • Marjorie • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #61

    We don’t see many movies. I think the most recent was the Best Exotic Marygold Hotel 2. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • usairdoll • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #62

    Looks like an awesome book! Since it’s been so hot here I’ve been drinking ice cold water. Sometimes I put flavoring in it, Raspberry Lemonade is currently my favorite.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  • Deborah M • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #63

    Probably Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day!

  • elle • 2 years ago
    COMMENT #64

    Watched Enchanted with my sister.

    • elle • 2 years ago
      COMMENT #

      Thanks for picking my name. I am not too techy but I have a KOBO account if that could work for my download. Thanks again!!!

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