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teri • July 25, 2017 • 31 Comments

Adventures in Hexagons by Emily Breclaw
11 Quilts, 29 Blocks, Unlimited Possibilities
112 pages
Book $29.95; E-book, $20.95

Getting to chat with authors reveals some great tips, and a little bit of fun. Here’s a little bit more about Emily, The Caffeinated Quilter. Oh and don’t forget to buy the book.

What three tips can you share with our readers?

1- I love using very narrow washi tape to help maintain my 1/4” seam allowance when hand piecing. I put a little strip of it on my left thumb (on the hand not holding the needle), using it as a visual aid to keep my seams accurate.
2- Everyone always says “press to the darker fabric” for square seams. When pressing y-seams, I always say “press up or right, then swirl”. For hexagon quilts oriented point up, press right. For hexagon quilts oriented flat side up, press up. Then swirl the remaining two seams around the previously pressed one.

3- Take a little kit of hand piecing with you EVERYWHERE. I keep a little Yazzi project bag with patches, needle, thread, thimble, and thread cutter with me. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in those little idle moments throughout the day.

Do you need any special tools?
Thimble, Clover Wonder Clips, and my Thread Cutterz ring are essentials in my studio

Any ideas for not turning your stash into Swiss cheese?
Yes! I love using the idea of “strip fussy-cutting” that I learned from Marti Michell and Linda Franz. After squaring the fabric, line the ruler up along a predetermined point along the repeat. Cut there, then cut as many strips as will fit before the repeat. Stop before the beginning of the next repeat. Make a fresh cut exactly at the same point on the fabric as where you started, continuing until you have the desired number of strips. Then layer the identical strips from the repeat, and cut your shapes (hopefully hexagons!) from the layered strips. Every patch will be identical, and you can come up with some really neat fussy-cuts that you might not have noticed otherwise. This works best for a large project with lots of fussy cutting. Swiss cheese methods may be less wasteful if you only a couple of patches are needed.

How much more of large, and medium scale prints do you purchase to make sure you have enough?
Usually a couple of yards, more if I really love the fabric

How do you plan for yardage for a quilt?
If it’s a simple design from squares and triangles, I will typically draft the quilt in Electric Quilt 7. I add about a quarter yard to the measurements EQ7 recommends, and go from there.
If it’s a hexagon design, I start by figuring out how many patches are needed from each fabric. Then I figure out how many patches fit on a strip, and calculate yardage from there.

Favorite ice cream?
mint chocolate chip

What do you sip when you’re in the studio?
In the mornings and early afternoon, coffee. In the evenings, just water.

Favorite vodka if you have one?
Veil Vanilla

Do you use more than one size rotary cutter?
Typically, I use a 45 mm, and will switch to an 18 mm for cutting small patches or curves.

Thread for piecing? Is there a specific color?
I love Gutermann for piecing, either eggshell or gray color depending on the project.

And then there’s the opportunity to win a copy of Adventures in Hexagons (softcover in US, e-book international) simply tell us your favorite batting by Tuesday August 1st, we’ll announce the winner Thursday August 3rd.

Congratulations #28 Chatwell! You are the winner of a copy of the book. We will be in touch!

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  • Helen Summers • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    I love Tuscany cotton/wool blend. Nice loft, great to quilt, and a little warmer than cotton.

  • Elizabeth • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    Gorgeous quilts!

  • Beth T. • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    I don’t really have a favorite batting…I use mostly all-cotton, although I’m going to try a wool for a winter quilt, and my sweetheart has been very pushy about wanting a “puffy” quilt so I’ve got some (gasp) poly in the closet set aside for his quilt top.

  • Dot • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    My favorite batting is Quilter’s Dream Request.

  • Melody Lutz • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    My favorite is Warm and Natural…someday I will try something else…maybe have a batt-a-thon test day.

  • Allison Church Bird • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #6

    I love 20/80 batting for most quilts!

  • Susie Q • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #7

    My fav batting is 80-20.

  • karenquiltsnsews • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #8

    My favorite Quilt Batting for HAND quilting is Quilter’s Dream Request for hand work. Hobb’s 100% cotton for machine work. As you can tell, it’s cotton or nothin’! It ages so wonderfully – and NEVER creeps outta the quilt like poly!

  • Ramona Putnam • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #9

    Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite batting is Quilter’s Dream. I typically use their Select Poly or their Cotton.

  • karenfae • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #10

    I like Quilters Dream select or request loft

  • Kathleen Dalecio • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #11

    My favorite quilt batting is Quilters’ Dream, especially the WOOL!

  • Vicki H • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #12

    I like Warm and Natural.

  • Haley • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #13

    My go to batting thus far is soft n crafty

  • Pamela R • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #14

    I really like Hobbs Tuscany Wool-cotton blend for bed & sofa size quilts; 80/20 with a thin poly over layer for wall quilts.the book looks like fun!

  • Jean Bissell • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #15

    Thanks for the tips. I draw lines for the quarter inch stitch line I will try some tape. My favorite batting in wool, I don’t know it by brand

  • Judy • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #16

    Favorite batting? 80/20 cotton/poly

  • Shelley • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #17

    I am currently trying out different battings to determine my favorite. I have always used Warm and Natural, but have recently bought some wool blend and silk to try. Want to try bamboo as well. My next project will be with silk batting and I’m very eager to big-stitch hand quilt my snail trail for my daughter’s upcoming 30th birthday. 🙂

  • Susan • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #18

    I like warm and natural but I also use a lot of Mountain Mist

  • Annie • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #19

    For cotton batting, I like Pellon Nature’s Touch Cotton. I’m still looking for a favorite for high-loft (but not polyester) and for wool batting.

  • Kathie L • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #20

    I like Hobbs 80/20.

  • quilting1954 • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #21

    Thank you for your input. These He is are looking more interesting on each blog!.

  • eileenkny • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #22

    My favorite batting is Hobbs 80/20. I like that there isn’t much shrinkage when I wash my quilts.

  • Pat Anderson • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #23

    My favorite batting is Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kathy E. • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #24

    I prefer a soft cotton batting for my quilting projects. It’s warm and easy to work with! I’d love to own this book!

  • Glenda Britten • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #25

    I usually use Hobbs batting.

  • Rosalind Gutierrez • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #26

    Warm & Natural Cotton batting is my favorite batting.

  • Monica Richardson • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #27

    I like to use Warm and Natural.

  • chatwell18 • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #28

    I like Hobbs 80/20 batting.

  • Alice Ronne • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #29

    Warm and Natural, of course! Am I really the first comment???

  • Seasoaps • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #30

    My favorite batting is Hobbs 80/20.

  • Shasta • 4 years ago
    COMMENT #31

    My favorite batting is warm and natural. I use it on all of my quilts.

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