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Way back when we were little kids (or just younger), everything seemed to take longer,  such as quilts and laundry, photo prints and home movies (oh heck, even big block buster movies). Technology has changed our timeline, though.  We’re living in a futuristic sci-fi movie with small, powerful computers that live in our pockets. And yet we still have a longing for making quilts, afghans, greeting cards and more by hand. Taking snapshots went from taking weeks to taking minutes with the advent of Polaroid cameras, and now they’re Insta! It is no longer necessary to bribe your friends with yummy desserts so they’ll come over and see your vacation pix. Thanks to Instagram, you share instantly (but everyone misses out on dessert 🙁 . )

cover-with-instagram-circledThose vacation pix have a new purpose, though. They’re just part of the IG eye candy, the visual inspiration that we all soak up on Instagram. It’s fun to see what other Instagrammers our friends follow, so in our Fall/Winter issue (on newsstands and in quilt shops now!)we share our picks of 25 Instagrammers who know how to trot out the beautiful. Here are just a few or our faves:

52 Quilters

Kate Spain

Sara Lawson

Daleanne Potter (Rest in peace, Daleanne)

Jess Frost

Recognizing that our quilts are important and worthy of remembering, Instagram and our cell phone cameras are useful tools to document our quilts and our progress in quilt making. So take–and share–the photos!

We also caught up for a brief moment with Carolina Patchworks’ Emily Cierabout-the-author_img_1890 in the My First feature in this current issue. “Quilting your own path is really important” says this prolific author/designer/jam-maker. Get the issue to see her first and her very latest quilts, and read more about her quilting philosophy. (P.S. You can also follow her on Instagram.)

Now, who do YOU follow on Instagram?


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