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tracy • July 23, 2015 • 40 Comments

I feel like Ebony Love has taught me all that I know about die cutting. I met her about a year after I received my Sizzix Big Shot Pro for a Christmas present from my hubby. I had done a ton of research before choosing a machine and chose Sizzix because I knew I could use Accuquilt Dies in the Sizzix machine (Accuquilt are thinner, so you can use them in Sizzix but can’t use Sizzix in any Accuquilt machine smaller than the Studio). I am a more is more kinda girl, so this was the machine for me. Unfortunately, it sat for well over a year because I was paralyzed with fear – I have no idea why. I mean it’s just fabric right?

Luckily, I got invited to Quilt Market in 2012, joined GenQ and promptly was introduced to Ebony Love. The rest is history.




After giving me the “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T USE IT YET?!?” talk, she gave me a copy of her book and her email address so I could ask her questions. Over the years, she has held my hand on more than one occasion and taught me ways to use my dies other than the original purpose. I am now well on my way to intermediate level die cutting and when I say it has changed my life, I don’t exaggerate. It allows me to cut fabric on days when my hands otherwise would not let me and for that I am grateful.

We have used Sizzix dies in more than one We Sew 2 Project. I think they are great for kids!



Cyd uses her Fabi to cut out shapes








And have made some CUTE projects…





Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Tulip and Melon Dies.

I can not recommend die-cutting more! It is fun and makes piecing a breeze! If you are unsure, I think Ebony is just the girl to teach you all about it!



Ebony has created a video to teach you all you need to know about die cutting. The video is great and teaches you all you need to know to get started! Go visit her website too!

And I am giving you a chance to win a copy! Simply leave me a comment below telling me why you want to win. We will choose a winner at random on July 27th.

For more chances to win, visit the rest of my friends on this amazing blog tour!


July 20 – LoveBug Studios http://lovebugstudios.com

July 21 –  Sizzix http://blog.sizzix.com/

July 22 – Custom Quilt Kits http://www.customquiltkits.com/

July 23 – GenQ Magazine http://generationqmagazine.com/

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July 25 – Jessica K Darling http://jessicakdarling.com/

July 26 – Quilt Shop Gal http://quiltshopgal.com/

July 27 – LoveBug Studios & Interweave – Webinar TBD


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  • becky m • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #1

    oh wonderful! What a great resource. I could definitely use this to start thinking outside the box with my Go!
    And I love the idea of using them for kids. I would definitely feel better about my daughter cutting with the Go rather than a rotary!!

  • Dawn Jones • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #2

    I have really been thinking about getting a die cutting machine, this video would give me a better view of whether I want to invest in one.

  • Marian • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #3

    I would love to win this, I am about to have hand surgery and the injury may have been a result of rotary cutting!

  • Kathie • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #4

    Ebony was also my inspiration to learn to use my Sizzix Big Shot . . . she is amazing and a great teacher! I have learned by participating in her Downton Abbey QAL’s but this video would really help me continue on my own beyond Ebony’s beautiful patterns. Thank you for the opportunity to receive one of her new videos!

  • Renea • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #5

    This would be perfect for me as I have a Sizzix Fabi cutter and have only used it once. I need help!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Crickett • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #6

    I have been contemplating getting a die cutter. This would be a big help in that decision!

  • Jen B • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #7

    There are so many projects that are able to assist w/ creating, my mind is already spinning w/ideas. The ease of cutting will help too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Karen • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #8

    I would love to win. My Sizzix Big Shot Plus arrives tomorrow! I would love to learn good habits and tips from the start.

  • La Haynes • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #9

    I would encourage all the members of our quilt group to watch it, learn how easy and helpful it is, and begin using our GO cutter themselves.

  • Leah • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #10

    Although I only made my first quilt this winter, participating in Ebony’s Downton Abbey QAL, I started to get frustrated with my wonky blocks, which I realized, stem from my wonky cutting. I’ve definitely caught the quilt bug and am considering investing in a die cutter to improve my work.

  • Jeannette Tobin • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #11

    When you want to learn and/or improve a skill, go to the best – Ebony Love!
    Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  • Tina in NJ • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #12

    I’m always looking for neat tricks for quilting.

  • Cindy • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #13

    I use my die cut machine for paper crafting (mostly for making cards and home dec projects). To use it for fabric and quilting would open up a new world of creativity. Thanks for this offering this opportunity.

  • Kris Conant • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #14

    I would love to win this to hone my die cutting skills.

  • Marian • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #15

    I really want to buy a Sizzix, but so nervous about using it

  • Lori Morton • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #16

    I would love to win this Give-a-way!!! Know I need help to learn all the cool things I can do with my Cutter (I have a Go1Baby).& have only had it a few months. I know my 2 Daughter”s & Grangirlie would love to learn with me! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance! 😀

  • emmy234 • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #17

    As I have only used my Accuquilt GO twice, I could really use a resource for utilizing (and enjoying) my cutter. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • lou • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #18

    I have waffled over a die cutter because I just can’t figure out how I would use it to its potential. Now I have arthritis in my hands and it has once again hit my priority list. Looks like this book would be a great source of information.

  • jmnaatz • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #19

    I have considered having a die cutting machine, but also have a “fear factor” to consider. Would love to win and start a new venture with a new designing tool. I can never buy too many quilting toys…right?

  • Lucy Blasi • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #20

    What a cool cutter. I think the girls in my sewing class would love playing around with a fabric cutter. This would definitely get them thinking about future projects.

  • Karen Fellows • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #21

    I would love to win my Sizzix Big Shot is being delivered today and I would love to start off correctly.

  • Shirley • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #22

    I would like to do more with my die cutter. I would increase my knowledge with the DVD and I believe it would be as if Ebony was in the room teaching me… so exciting..

  • Sue in Scottsdale, AZ • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #23

    I love die cutting and think Ebony if fantastic. I would love to win a copy because I believe there is always something more I can learn!

  • Emi • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #24

    I bought a Sizzix earlier this year and would love to learn how to really utilize it. Thanks for the chance.

  • Margo • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #25

    I too have been a bit scared to use my Go, but with recent hand surgery, i can do a lot of reading to prep! thanks for the chance to win!

  • bluedove2014d • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #26

    I would love to win a copy of the DVD. I use my Sizzix but know I could improve if I knew more and knew what dies to get.

  • Allison CB • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #27

    Great giveaway! Just learning about die cutting!

  • Patricia Cash • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #28

    I want one because I do not have one and have been saving up.

  • Lauren Martin • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #29

    I would really love to win this DVD! I too am hesitant about the die cutter, I really want one but not sure where to start and I believe ebony’s DVD would be amazing to watch as well as helpful! I am also a visual learner so watching the video would be great for me! Thank you for your review!

  • Brenda Hulsey • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #30

    I think the dvd covers everything about die cutting! I’d love to own one!

  • Carolyn J • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #31

    Am curious about die cutting. Seems like there is more and more info about it on various blogs and websites. I guess I need to make the leap into the ‘new’ way of cutting? I really liked the curved table topper you showed and that has me really interested in learning more.

  • Ann Robertson • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #32

    I want to increase my knowledge of die cutting. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Marita Blessing • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #33

    I keep going back and forth on the need to buy a die cutter. This may help with the decision.

  • Cassandra • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #34

    I have a sizzix but I would love some ideas for new ways to use it or more efficient cutting (I suffer from health issues that slow me down too). Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Karen G. • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #35

    I just got an Accuquilt Go for my birthday and would love the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by Ebony. I have arthritis in my hands and am anxious to get started with die cutting.

  • Francesca R. • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #36

    I love the idea of being able to make precisely cut quilt pieces.

  • Kathie • 6 years ago
    COMMENT #37

    What a great resource this would be. I’ve learned so much from Ebony but I have so very much more to learn on how to use my Big Shot and keep it maintained. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  • Randy, TPG • 3 years ago
    COMMENT #38

    I love my Sizzix Big Shot but I don’t use it for quilting, more for card making. I’d love to know how else you are using your dies other than it’s original purpose

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