Color Carnival Row-Along Continues; Row 4 The Zipper and Row 5 Bumper Cars

teri • September 02, 2014 • 4 Comments

Any good carnival has lots of sights and sounds (and ice cream, cotton candy, fried pickles and good bbq). There’s a beginning (the gate), lots of middle (rides, games, vendors…did I mention the rides?) and an end (the last ride before going home). We’re in the middle part on our Color Carnival Row-Along designed by GenQ staffer Michelle Freedman, and using Dear Stella‘s Confetti Dots collection. There’s something fun to look at around each corner!


Color Carnival Row-Along, The Zipper


Color Carnival Row-Along, Bumper Cars

Row 4 and Row 5 are here and ready for you to spend a little time stitching out these very fun blocks.

Missed earlier rows? Visit here for Row 3Row 2 and here for Row 1.

Ready for a reminder of how cool this quilt is? And check out the Carnival Barker (Michelle, far left) and her cast of carnies–-Scott Hansen, Tracy Mooney (far right) and Bev Mabry.

Keep up with the fun. The final two rows–Rows 6 and 7–will follow later this week. And be aware: There’s a fabric giveaway coming!

Color Carnival by Michelle Freedman


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