Color Carnival Row-Along Continues: Row 3, The Scrambler

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Any good carnival has lots of sights and sounds (and ice cream, fried pickles and good bbq). There’s a beginning (the gate), lots of middle (rides, games, vendors, did I mention the rides?) and an end (the last ride before going home). We’re in the lots of middle part on our Color Carnival Row-Along designed by GenQ staffer Michelle Freedman, and there’s something fun to look at around each corner!

Color Carnival Row-Along Row3, The Scrambler

Row 3
is here and ready for you to spend a little time stitching out these foundation pieced blocks.

Missed earlier rows? Visit here for Row 2 and here for Row 1.

Ready for a reminder of how cool this quilt is? And check out the Carnival Barker (Michelle, far left) and her cast of carnies–Scott, Tracy (far right) and Bev.

Color Carnival by Michelle Freedman

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.

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