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Working It: Five Ways to Know You’re Ready to Teach

May 1, 2013

In some industries, the old snarky adage, “those who can’t, teach,” might hold true. But not in quilting and sewing. In our q-niverse, the better we get, the more we have to offer to others and many of us relish those opportunities to share our stitching bliss. There are so many opportunities for good teachers [...]

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WORKING IT: Get your biz pushed by Kickstarter. We did!

May 11, 2012

  It was July 2011 and we were just about to launch our new online blogZine. We knew that this was the first big step on the way to becoming a print magazine and the start up funds needed to set up the website were very low—more sweat equity than cash. As we closed in [...]

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Working It: Leah Day

August 22, 2011

I met Leah over a year ago when she reached out to me on my blog after reading one of my magazine articles. Nearly everyone who comments on my blog writes one of their own, and I do try to check them out, so I dutifully headed over to Leah’s and my life promptly changed. [...]

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Working It: Pinterest and the Creative Person

July 25, 2011

If you haven’t yet heard of Pinterest, we won’t accuse you of living under a rock, because Pinterest is a fairly recent Internet invention of the social media-type that we ourselves only learned about a couple of months ago. It was started by app developers Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra after a single feature on [...]

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