Between the Covers: Nov/Dec 2015

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The November-December 2015 cover is Christmas 1964 made by GenQ community editor Scott Hansen (Blue Nickel Studios). The colors and feel of the quilt certainly remind of that 1960s kitsch.  Jake’s cat Jesse reminds us that cats and Christmas trees are a match. They simply go together like tea with honey, coffee and cream, laughter and good friends, wassail and ginger snaps. Or whatever pairing makes the holiday’s festive for you.

Before we speak about more Playdates in this spanking new issue, can we just say we would love to see quilts you’ve made from patterns in the magazines? If you’d like to share send images of the GenQ-inspired quilts you’ve made to blogger-in-chief Teri––and she’ll post them to one of our social media sites: facebook, Twitter: @GenQMag, or instagram .

Back to business. Felicia Brenoe’s Scandinavian Christmas Love placemats and bread basket will add something special to your dining room table or counter top buffet. Add in Felicia’s pepperkake cookies and Rana Heredia’s Too Hot to Handle Pot Holders and your holiday party with all your favorite friends is set.


We also have Playdates featuring Mardi Gras by Melanie Testa (designed by Teri Lucas), Sleepy by Sarah Fielke, Pueblo Star Anita McSorley and Mod Santa Mobile by Melissa Thompson Maher. (This last one is a funky, fast, have-to-make-it project!)

Now, emory is very much part of what we do and who we are as quilt makers. Our Piece Corps story features Rachael Dorr, a quilter in lower Westchester who makes memory quilts from the clothing of those who have passed so bereaved family members can wrap up in the love and memory on their departed loved ones.


Oh, and then there is the creative development of the whole coloring book movement featured in our GenQ 25. Watch this space for a “but wait! there’s more!” post. What is your fave thing to color with? Pencils? Crayons? Water color?

Over the next few weeks, also look for a Quilt Market News Round-Up and book tours from some cool authors. Word on the street has it that there may be a challenge in the pages of the issue!

Quilt. Sew. Live. Breathe.


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