Between the Covers: Generation Q Magazine May/June issue!

teri • April 23, 2014 • 1 Comment

The latest issue of Generation Q is out and about, people! And gracing our May-June 2014  cover is Jake’s daughter, Samantha Finch, sporting a lovely smile and snuggling up to some great pillows created by our pal, designer Melissa Peda! Now, word has it that said daughter Sam was not thrilled (read: had a snark fit) when her momma asked her to model for our cover. But when technical editor Vicky Tymczyszyn made the same request, she was all hip and cool and “Let’s do this thing!”

How very appropriate, because this issue also contains  our best tips for teaching kids, plus another fun project stitched by our so-willing, so-fab junior editors.

But wait, there’s more! From Fibonacci to circuitry in quilts, we explore how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are influencing the q-niverse, including Scientific Seamstress’s Carla Crim and former software programmer Trisch Price of Hadley Street Quilts to Muppin’s Cheryl Sleboda who adds LED lights to her quilts like other people add butter to toast. Oh, and don’t miss our interview with Libs Elliott, the quilter who uses computer code to generate amazing geometric designs.

Our popular Test Drive investigates  starches and sizings. Jake, Vicki and the TD crew tested eight different starch and sizing products. Did your fave make the list? Give us a shout and let us know what product you use.

No  issue of Generation Q would be complete without a cocktail, and in May-June, we’ve got the GenQ Mule, a light, refreshing pour that’s perfect for summer (and a wee bit of quilting).

We’ve also got fresh, fun projects and/or conversation from a host of quilterati, including Katy Jones, Mandy Leins, Casey York, Lisa Bee-Wilson, Sheila Sinclair Snyder, Wendy Sheppard, Sherri Noel, Paula Mills, Jessica Levitt, Jackie Kunkel and…well, just grab an issue and find out. We’re on newsstands and in many local quilt shops. And you can always order a copy from our website.

Quilt, sew, live, breathe!



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