I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and have no idea where my ruthless use of color comes from other than a reaction to the gray skies and my tragically colored childhood. My parents painted everything the same lemon yellow in the 1970s, and I think it threw me over the edge. I do use yellow now, but never lemon. My first quilt was a scrappy quilt made during the Brady Bunch era with everything from lime green fake fur to silver lame. After a fairly short-lived muddy country phase of quilting, in which my lovely doll-making wife, Linda, used to tell me that my favorite color was plaid brown, I like to think I’m becoming known for my uninhibited use of color in my quilts (at least that’s the nice way my family phrases it). In fact, I don’t drink because the high I get from working with intense color is the same high drinking gives, but without the hangover!

I admit to being a retail manager by day and but my secret designing life with Blue Nickel Studios, is the beginning of my second act. Living in the Pacific Northwest is made for stitchers. The many rainy days there are the perfect excuses to ditch the yard work and hit the pedal instead. I live on some sprawling country acreage where we attempt to herd three teenagers, four cats, six chickens and one lone duck at last count. Track me down at scott@generationqmagazine.com.