Or you can also call me the Mad Color Scientist at Blue Nickel Studios (, which I run from my home in the country in the Pacific Northwest, smack in between the mountains and the Seattle ‘burbs. I’ve been quilting for half my life now, and don’t see fit to change that.

In addition to my work for GenQ, I design and create quilts for fabric manufacturing companies and have had work featured in many leading quilt magazines. I speak and teach locally and regionally about my work, and am prepping for my third week teaching at the Quilters’ Affair program that is part of the world-famous Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon, every July. For GenQ, I have the privilege to interview many of your favorite Q-bies and develop the Block Builder design puzzle. And I also help juggle our Playdate projects.

In my spare time, I try to maintain my sanity, along with the house I built and acreage I think can still be the park I envisioned 20+ years ago. I am married to Linda, a talented mixed-media/doll-loving artist, and have three young adult children, who give me all sorts of joy and challenges. I love my family, God, trees, architecture, gardens, color, cats, vintage and modern textiles, art, pattern, design, Christmas, fashion,  curly mustache, and a great many other marvelous people, ideas and things.