I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and now make my home near Annapolis, Maryland with my husband, David, and our two daughters, Harper and Devon. I began teaching myself to quilt in the summer of 2008, during a time when I needed something to do with my hands other than wrangle toddlers and mark up articles with a red pen. I thought it might be fun to document my adventures with tangled thread and mismatched points on a blog, and thus The Bitchy Stitcher was born. Who knew so many people would be interested in reading me describe how much I suck at sewing? Now, three years later, I don’t suck nearly as much, but I do have a loyal group of readers who are constantly emailing me pictures of things that look like naughty body parts and saying, “This made me think of you.” Tugs at the ol’ heartstrings, it does.

I have worked as an editor, designer and writer in the magazine industry for over six years, and spent two years as the resident humorist at Quilter’s Home magazine. I am thrilled to be on this journey with my partners in quilt crime, Jake and Melissa, and grateful that they don’t blink an eye when I curse like a sailor or am incoherent from caffeine deficiency. Praise, adoration, and gift certificates for fabric and spa services can be sent to me at megan@generationqmagazine.com.