Bev Mabry, Community Outreach-Mama Bear


Ok, I’ll just answer up front the two questions you’re dying to ask me: 65. And 148. There! Now we’re intimate friends.

Learning to sew at a young age from my mom (and being a Texas girl), my first little project was a red, white and blue Nine Patch. I’ve graduated in the size and scope of my projects and haven’t stopped since. That was the beginning of my journey toward becoming a fabric ho, hence the James Bond nickname my GenQ pals have given me–Stashy Galore.

My husband Richard and I have two daughters, four grandkids, one great-grandson and three pooches. We love to travel and there’s nothing I like better than to look out the RV window with my machine humming away. (Except maybe visiting quilt and fabric shops along the way, telling them about GenQ.) My experience in journalism began eons ago in motor sports. Transitioning to GenQ has been a dream come true and we are truly like family. I am blessed to be working with such talented, creative folks, and I look forward to working with you!