Oh, Thank Cuteness! 2012

by melissa on November 20, 2012

Last year, we celebrated the season of Thanksgiving (which lasts about a nanosecond, if the evergreen-wielding, retail-shopping crazies get their way) by sharing with you about all the people and things that give our life sweetness and spice. And a few dozen of you also climbed on the gratefulness bandwagon by posting links to your blogs, where you, too, indulged in a little reverie about your loved ones.

Well, gratefulness being one of those things that grows the more you share it, let the thankful dishing begin! Except this time, we decided to turn the microphone, so to speak, a different direction. We asked our families what they were grateful for. Today, we hear from Community Editor Scott Hansen’s tribe, and Creative Director Megan Dougherty’s DDs.

The Hansen Kids

Mimi, 15 


* Air.

* Family. “No matter how much we fight, or yell, or are just angry at each other in general, when we get along and can watch a movie all together with popcorn, it’s a nice time. And most of the time we are apart. Whether one of us is at College, or the other is at their part time job, we are hardly all here. But that’s okay. At the end of the day, we are all in our beds, sleeping in the same house.”

* Friends. “Yeah. I wouldn’t be doing what I do without my friends. Especially the closest ones. My best friends are really who keep me going. Whenever I get bullied or teased for how I dress or act, they are always the ones to throw me back on the horse.”

* Dresses. “As previously stated, I get a little flak for my flamboyant clothing. But, I love it still. It’s what makes me happy. And I won’t let anyone take that from me.”

* Food. “Cake is best.”


Max, 16

And in no particular order, the list is as follows:

* Not having to take the bus five days a week.

* Not having school on my birthday. Ever.

* Great companions. (“Yes, that includes all of my family.”)

* Food.

* Having parents and a brother who actually know things so they can help me with my school.

Noel, 19


1. Generous student loans

2. An economy on the road to recovery. (“For now. Fiscal cliff is still looming off in the distance.”)

3. My job

4. Actually having enough money to be able to purchase things

5. Having a loving, caring family


The Dougherty Girls


Says Megan, “My children are non-stop talkers and will regale you with their opinions on everything all day long, but as soon as you ask them a pointed question, they tend to clam up. Here’s what I managed to get out of them.”

Harper, 9

* Summer – because there’s no school and I can watch more TV.

* TV – because there’s funny stuff on it.

* Art utensils – because I like to make stuff.

* Christmas – because I get presents.

* Dr. Pepper – because it’s yummy.

Devon, 5

* All of my friends, because they are good to me and I am good to them.

* Science.  I love the show Beakman’s World and it is all about science and so I love science.

* Chocolate – because it is yummy.

* Monster High. (no reason given, just an exasperated look that was meant, I believe, to say, “Isn’t it obvious?”)

* Cats – because they are my favorite animal.

* Dogs – because they are cute.

* Miss Andi (her beloved daycare provider) – because she has the best daycare in the whole entire world.

(There was apparently a number 8, but she declared it a vital secret and would not reveal it.)

Your turn? 

Now, howzabout keeping us company this week for Oh Thank Cuteness? We’ll be posting more GenQ staff family cuteness on Wednesday and Friday, and we’d LOVE to have you post to your blogs–or even to Facebook, if you are blog-less–about what makes your world cute. Puppies, children (your own or someone else’s), the squirrel in your backyard, it’s all up for grabs! Or see if you can tease a few tidbits of thanks out of your little ones’ mouths. And don’t forget the pics!

We’re building our link list of friends posting their own versions of Oh Thank Cuteness. If you haven’t had enough of the  joy here, check out what they are doing. After all, we are all so much more than our quilting and sewing. And if you do participate, grab our button and add your blog address below so we can all share in each other’s cuteness!

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