Oh, Thank Cuteness! 2012, Part 2

by tracy on November 21, 2012

We continue our staff’s reverie of gratefulness today with contributions from Associate Editor Tracy Mooney, Junior Editor Cydney Mooney and Technical Editor Vicki Tymczyszyn.


Cydney Mooney

Junior editor of We Sew 2


Junior Editor Cydney, daughter of Associate Editor Tracy Mooney,  says she is thankful for the following:

  1. Toys like my mouse LPS (translation: Littlest Pet Shop mouse toy).
  2. Love.
  3. My unicorn beanie boo because when I was sick, it made me feel better.
  4. American Girls, because they feel like my little sister.
  5. Friends, because I love to play with them.
  6. Sewing, because it’s FUN!!!
  7. My dog Tessie because she is funny and sweet.  :)
  8. My family, because they’re really funny and nice to me.
Tracy Mooney
And now, a few words from Tracy: “Because I wasn’t here last year, I would like to add my list of things to be thankful for also. For me this was one of those years. I began 2012 losing my contract job that I enjoyed. That was followed by losing by dear brother-in-law, Omar, very suddenly two weeks before we were to go on vacation with him and my sister.  We lost so many dear friends this past year, I don’t even want to count… It has been a year where it almost feels like I am walking through mud. You try to continue on, but it is exhausting.
“In God’s usual fashion ( call it God, Spirit, Karma, Physics), there is unbelievable joy to help balance things out. For me, what has saved me this year has been being a part of Generation Q. For 20 years, I have been an obsessed quilter, certainly not always actively sewing, but not a day has gone by where I didn’t think about quilting. Often, I would think about somehow making quilting a career, but nothing ever stuck.
“In January, when the door was closing on my previous occupation as a blogger and spokesperson, I made an active decision to make my next step be more creative and fulfilling. I started my blog over at 3Littlebrds and wasn’t sure what would happen, but I made baby steps toward creating my dream even though I wasn’t sure what that dream was.
“And then Jake invited me to come to Spring Market 2012 to help out with the booth and the  debut of  of Generation Q. With the support of my family, I made the leap of faith, resume in hand and headed to Market to finally meet Jake in person.
“Somewhere around Day Two, Jake and Melissa asked me to come on board. I am not sure if they realized how happy they made me that day. I have a small part in the magazine,  compared to the incredible work Melissa, Jake and Megan and the rest of the crew do, but it has sustained me through an incredibly hard year. I am not sure I have the words for the happiness being a part of Gen Q has brought to me… but I hope my story will inspire you to follow your dreams and dream BIG or at the very least, when life gives you scraps, Make Quilts!
“So my list is simple. This year I am thankful:
  1. For my dear friends who passed away this year.  I am so grateful to have known them and I am grateful for the few who went so quickly. It was a tribute to their life to not suffer for too long.
  2. For my family members, whom I love dearly. I am so grateful to have their love and support in every day and all I do. For my family that live in other states, I am grateful to be talking to everyone (for once!) and I love you all so much. Tessie and Tank, our silly pets are included here!
  3. For Gen Q, I am thankful to be part of such a talented team. You make me proud every day. I am so happy to have found “my people!”
  4. For all the new people in my life this year and all my old friends whom I love so dearly and don’t see nearly enough. I am especially grateful that all my friends back east made it through Sandy.
  5. For the grace to see the good in my life through the tears and to feel the love that surrounds me.
“Here is my cute family…
Oh Thank Cuteness! We have a lot of Cute to be thankful for in 2012!”  ~ Tracy


The Tymczyszyn Tribe

Says Technical Editor Vicki T, “Who says the ‘wishes’ get better when your kids get older? My kids are thankful for (in no particular order):

* Pumpkin pie

* NetFlix

* Firefly

* Star Wars

* Disneyland

* and last, but not least, that the Twilight movies are OVER!”

Happy Thanksgiving from Andy (left), Leroy, Gus and Hayley!


Join us tomorrow for more GenQ Oh Thank Cuteness!

And why don’t you REALLY join us? Tell the world about the Cuteness you’re thankful for, and post a link here to your blog. We’ll all swoon together.

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