O’ Thank Cuteness Part 3: 2012! AND Some Quilty Shopping For You

by jake on November 22, 2012

It’s that time of year again where we count our blessings. And I’m realizing that I can’t count that high this year! What a wonderful problem to have, I say. So Melissa and I are each taking a break from our respective kitchens to talk about gratitude and share some cute pics of our biggest blessings.

Here’s what Melissa passed on to me in between prepping side dishes and dreaming about sewing time… “Corralling my bunch was a bit hard, mostly because they’re scattered across the country. But also because when the family includes a snowboard instructor, an actor/director, a catering employee and a city bus driver, schedules are impossible. People in those professions rocket along at odd paces and at odd times.

“I did manage to get a few words from them, which I’ll in a bit, but I’ll lead off the litany. We have so much to be thankful for this season, most of which I will not bore you with. Let’s just say there are worlds of difference between how we are feeling today, and what the landscape was like a year ago.

“Two points stand out: I’m still pinching myself at the blessing of GenQ, and how it’s been received. And how much potential it has! And the fact that people like us, they really like us! Even when it’s late at night, and I’m still working on the next day’s post or grinding through copy for the next issue, it’s pleasurable toil. Who knew 18 months ago that a release would turn into freedom? And that I would be privileged to be creating this dream with such fine people as my business partner, Jake, and our gang, Megan, Tracy, Scott, Vicki and Bev. GenQ has become a conduit for doing fun things with so many great people, and that’s a bigger-picture blessing.

“And the second point I am thankful for, well…those with grown-up children can identify. We had the great good fortune a few weeks ago to meet Chris Kateff, who is The Important Guy for Synge, our first-born daughter. Both live and work in New York, and they gifted us with a visit here in Albuquerque right before Market.

“He’s a talented, smart, fine young man (and he likes my cooking, which gives him an edge). He thinks Synge hung the moon, and the feeling is mutual. And we are blessed to see them both so happy together. (All sorts of Jane Austen-like comments are begging to get out, but I’ll choose discretion over literary satisfaction.)

Here is what the rest of the Mahers have to say about the feelings of the season:

Husband Pat: “Well, everyone is healthy and gainfully employed in some manner. That’s huge.”

Daughter Delia:

  • I am a 25-year-old young women, who has an amazing bouquet of friends and family.
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to snowboard, although the seasons are changing.
  • I am thankful to able to live in such beautiful places. I just recently moved to Winter Park CO to become a snowboard coach and to instruct. I have lucked out by entering blind into a roommate situation and found a nice little place among the community here.
  • Though I miss many people, life is about experiences and I’m here and open to what is possible.
  • There are so many people I wish I could see today and share a meal with, but know you are all
  • in my heart and I love you all dearly. Here’s to being lucky in life and love may we all find passion in our lives.

And now it’s my turn. Over the past year, even with the challenges we faced as a family, a business and a nation, I can’t help but feel so grateful and blessed by the people around us. I once heard it said that each of our lives boils down to two things: The choices we make and the people we are with.

  • I’m thankful for my family: my husband, daughter, sisters (yes, you too Jackie!), brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, Mom and Dad. Though most of them live far from us, we stay in touch and know we’re there for each other.
  • And then I’m so thankful for the family I choose: My friends. I have so many people who watch over me, cheer me on, make me smile, step up to help, who let me help them (that’s a big one–to be trusted enough with another’s problem that your help is welcome) and who just are there. Some of these friends are around me physically day after day. Others pop in and out as schedules and distance allow. Still others pop up by email or Facebook to offer a kind word, a fun thought or some other touch from afar that makes the distance melt away.
  • Generation Q: Our staff. We staffed GenQ with our friends. There’s a reason for that. You often hear in business that you should keep your friends and family out of your business. No way Jose! Our jobs are hard enough with all of us working remotely from our homes in different states. If we didn’t already love and respect who we each are, the minor frustrations along the way of trying to raise families and keep day jobs during magazine production would overwhelm us. Instead, we approach each other with patience, love and the confidence that the work will get done even if we all die trying. Megan, Scott, Melissa, Vicki and Tracy are each incredibly talented and creative and I can’t believe we get to play together so much!
  • Our supporters: Contributors, sponsors, quilting industry, distribution and printing teams. Very simply we could not do this without them all. Each serves to help us, by providing content, ads, products and services. Magazine production involves a village and we have a wonderful one!
  • Our readers, who continue to spread the word about what we’re doing, check us if we veer off-track and provide ideas for content. Our main purpose is to serve your needs. You give us your faith every time you buy a copy of GenQ and dive into our pages. We want to entertain, inform and inspire you in a fun and satisfying way. Your feedback helps us to do that. Thank you!\

So below you have my kid, Samantha, who is 11. She’s one of our Junior Editors, but was having a “stop bugging me, Mom” day so I wasn’t able to get any gratitude out of her. Of course, once the turkey is in her, she’ll be fine. The kitty in both pics below is Jessie. He’s a complete fabric slut, just like us. We have four others, but I’m restraining myself here.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And, in case you haven’t notice, the links below to C&T Publishing AND Martingale Publishing will take you to their awesome T-Day sales! Each publisher is offering deep, deep discounts on their books and products and we’d love it if you supported them by at least checking it out.

Many quilted hugs,

Jake, Melissa, Megan, Scott, Vicki and Tracy

Jessie helping Vicki with our scalloped border tutorial.



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