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by jake on July 28, 2012

Lining up Friday morning for Festival entrée. The quilters started coming about an hour before opening. And sorry for the poor resolution. Jake's iPhone lens is about to be replaced.

This week, our Southern California Q-babes, Jake and Vicki, flew south (by car) to International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. Once there, they hit the class schedule and came up with a great half-day class to make a sewing charm bracelet with q-bud and wonderful designer Karri Meng of French General. It was great to be able to leave a class with a finished project.

The Sew Charming Bracelet we made in class with Kaari. Long before Kaari began designing fabric for Moda, she was a jewelry designer specializing in vintage-style pieces. This bracelet came out just the way it looks here.

We attended Preview Night on Thursday. To get in to Preview Night, you buy a special ticket, which also lets you into the show Friday and Saturday. But on Thursday the show floor opens only for the few attending and it’s a more relaxed atmosphere. The booths are fresh and ready and there’s plenty of product to temp your wallets. For us, it was a chance to find our friends and visit.

Sam Hunter (AKA Shortbread Sam for those who know it) sits in her first booth for her new pattern and kit company, Hunter's Design Studio. This Booth Virgin seemed to do an awesome job of selling some very nice modern patterns. Her thing is words and many of her designs come with adorable sayings, like the baby quilt we'll feature later this week that says, " you are getting sleepy, very sleepy." Way to go Sam!


Another Booth Virgin, Julie Herman from Jaybird Quilts, also had an amazingly busy Festival. With her gorgeous, colorful quilts and her wonderful family and friends helping out, hers was a corner to hang at. We'll have a new product of hers to tease later this week as well.


It’s a running joke around here that Jake never gets to see the quilts at shows because, well, she’s a little distract by all of the quilt stuff catching her eyes, and money, at the vendor booths. But this time, she made sure she got to the quilts as well and we’re presenting a few here to please your visual senses.


Part of the Tactile Architecture 2011 exhibit, Kathy York from Austin, Texas, gives us this incredible 3-D quilt named Central Park.


Here's a detail of Central Park. Yes, those are 3-D buildings that Kathy fashioned from foam and fabric.


Another incredible quilt enjoyed at Festival was this bit of sweetness:

Dreaming by Sonia Bardella of Italy was of the Text on Textiles 2011 exhibit. This quilt was beautiful and Jake especially liked the way the words were rendered and carried off of the sides of the quilt, capturing the feel of the title and the moment depicted.


And then this one:

Japanese quilter Megumi Mizuno created this luscious taupe-colored quilt, In Love with Dots and Dolls, after being inspired by images of nesting dolls. It is completely hand worked--pieced, appliquéd, embellished--and there was so much to look at it was hard to walk away from it. It was part of the main IQA exhibit.

Another quilt to ogle:

Windblown by Maria Elkins of Beavercreek, Ohio, was luscious with its machine quilting. Maria is well-known for her beautiful pictorial quilts and the quilting that highlights her simple, realistic images. This was another joy to view.

And if we had to pick a parting shot for this post, it would have to be this adorable Buggy quilt:

Made by Bonita Ware of Delaware, Ohio, For the Love of Bugs is a celebration of all things bug. Volkswagon Bug, that is. We love quilts that make us smile with kitschy delight and this one qualified immediately!

It needs a detail shot:



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quiltzyx/sue Identicon Icon quiltzyx/sue July 28, 2012 at 9:51 pm

I see you’re having a good time at Long Beach! I had to laugh, my cousin was there today (Friday) & she posted a picture of the bug quilt too!! Thanks for sharing some of the wonderful quilts there.


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