Saturday Special: Salt and Light and Shape

by megan on October 1, 2011

Many of us at GenQ HQ have been carving out some much-needed quilting time this past week. Like the cobbler who had no shoes, we are the quilt journalists who never quilt! None of us could take it any more and we all took to our machines over the weekend, leaving us feeling renewed and energized (and less likely to throw a screaming fit when yet another gift quilt is delivered late). Megan even finished up a quilt she started over a year ago that she gets to keep for her very own. You’d think we’d be at the needle all the time, with all this inspiration we get to wallow in day after day, but sometimes we have to sacrifice the fiber time to bring you good stuff, like the quilt and blog post our own Scott Hansen has picked out for you this week.


Blog Post of the Week

The folks over at Fat Quarterly have been working with publisher Lark Crafts to produce this beautiful book, the first ever for the popular e-zine. Says Scott, “How exciting that these four creative peeps have come together to make their quarterly selection of great patterns for web-based fans into a paper edition. I just know this is going to be a knock-out and a must-have for everybody’s book shelf. I can’t wait to see what it looks like! It sounds like they have designed the book not just to give you a straight ol’ pattern, but also many options and creative alternatives. Way to go Katy, Brioni, Tacha, and John!”


Quilt of the Week

This mini quilt, made by Briana Arlene, uses Morse code to spell out BE SALT AND LIGHT, a reference to Matthew 5:13-14, where Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.” Brianna says, “My original intent with this design was to have something to hang up in my house that would somehow remind me of these verses. But I am just not the kind of person that can handle a cute little cross-stitched Bible verse surrounded by pastel flowers tied in blue ribbons hanging up in the guest bathroom. *Shudder* Umm, I also don’t feel the need to give my guests a moral lesson just because they have to pee, so I plan to hang this in my bedroom (not my guest bathroom) in case you were wondering.”

Scott was truly taken by her design, even though it is out of his comfort zone with its lack of color. “Hardly any color, which is unusual for me, but the whole concept about using Morse code in the quilt is pretty cool! (and I could see this done with LOTS of colors equally as well)  Reminds me of an Encyclopedia Brown story or the Sherlock Holmes Dancing Men story, mysterious and intriguing.  This Bible verse is subtle and modern and to the point without being in your face, and the quilting is a beautiful combination of hand and machine work. I also love how she described finding the perfect binding: it happened to be on top of the pile!”

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quiltzyx/sue Identicon Icon quiltzyx/sue October 4, 2011 at 9:54 am

I *really* like Brianna’s quilt! I recently read about a WWII POW who did needlework while imprisoned & also used Morse code to put messages in his work. Although his messages were, shall we say, a bit cruder & to-the-point regarding his feelings about Nazis.
Now off to check out Fat Quarterly…


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